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Keira Knightley Was Nervous About Singing In Her New Film

Keira Knightley has plenty of experience when it comes to acting, but the same can’t be said when it comes to singing. The actress was taken out of her comfort zone when filming Begin Again with Adam Levine as the …

The Voice Will Crown A Winner Tonight During Finale

The Voice will air their fifth season finale tonight, and people all over the country are anxiously awaiting the results. However, no one could be more nervous than the three contestants remaining who have been battling it out over the …

“The Voice” Reveals Top 12 Contestants
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We are down to the final 12 contestants on this season of “The Voice”. On Monday and Tuesday night, each contestant gave it their all during the live rounds, leaving the viewers to vote for the contestants they wanted to …

Mary Steenburgen is giving Music a Try
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The lovely, award-winning actress, Mary Steenburgen, has gained major success in the film industry. Now, she is trying something new…the music industry. After undergoing a minor surgery and receiving a general anesthetic, she developed an unexplainable love for music. “The …

Anti-Ketchup Vendor Fired For Discriminating Taste
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Charley Marcuse was known as the Detroit Tiger’s hot dog vendor for 15 years. Possibly Heinz’s worst enemy, he was a crooner who advertised at Comerica Park in a baritone voice, and has a strict dietary belief system he imposed …

Lillie McCloud has Hits under another Name
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Lillie McCloud, the 54-year-old grandmother that has shocked the world and “X Factor” judges, has a whole other career listed under a different name. McCloud has been recording songs since the 1980s under the name Nicole McCloud. She has several …

Bono Getting Jiggy with Facebook

Maybe it’s the future of music and maybe it’s not, but I think U2’s experiment with Facebook and the iLike widget is a pretty interesting move.

FCC Gets Monkey’s Paw From Telco Front Group

You might say it’s a sort of monkey’s paw that Hands Off the Internet, an AT&T-backed "grass roots" organization has called on the FCC to investigate Comcast for violating the four principles of Network Neutrality. On the surface, it looks like progress. But can it be trusted?

YouTube Stops John McCain’s Singing
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A political video featuring John McCain has been removed from YouTube, and MoveOn.org is not happy about it.  You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the group is trying to preserve free speech or let an opponent embarrass himself, but the matter speaks to larger issues in either case.

Yahoo Sings A New Tune

Since the beginning of the year, Yahoo has looked for ways to separate itself from its competitors as an online brand. Product specific portals, socially driven search and suggestions, and efforts in expanding citizen journalism are just a few of the ways in which the company is trying to accomplish this feat.

Yahoo’s latest offering in original programming, however, could leave many new viewers scratching their heads in confusion; or, more aptly, covering their ears in dismay.

Is iTunes Singing Its Swan Song?

A study conducted by Forrester Research shows that iPod owners are spending increasingly less at the iTunes store, indicating that Apple’s digital music download service perhaps has reached the peak of its growth. Do these figures signal an eminent decline for the iTunes music store?

Singing Your Way to Success

Entrepreneurs can take a lesson from Sheryl Crow hit, “Soak up the Sun.” During the chorus she sings, “For every time I feel lame; I’m looking up.” For those who start and build a new enterprise, the need to keep “looking up” is critical for success. An entrepreneur is like a salmon trying to swim upstream through rapids. It takes an unnatural degree of effort, and the dearest struggle usually comes while all outward signs present a negative face.