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Leading Chinese Portal Dumps Google

There’s bad news for Google in China this month as the country’s largest Web portal has stopped using (and thereby promoting) Google’s main product.  Sina will now rely on search technology of its own rather than allow Google’s search engine …

Sina Makes Advertising Buy For Over $1 Billion
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Sina.com is China’s largest Web portal, and today, the company behind it got even bigger.  Sina Corp. acquired parts of Focus Media Holding, which works in advertising, for over $1 billion in stock.

Sina Strengthens Its Search Engine And Portal

We all know about Internet censorship in China – search engines may or (more probably) may not return results for any sensitive queries.  But now, when Sina wants to deliver an answer, it will be able to do so more reliably.

Sina Explains Google Partnership

Sina is a huge (and hugely successful) Chinese corporation, and although Google is also quite strong, Google China’s not so fortunate.  A new arrangement with Sina could help, however.

Google, SINA Partner On Search

Chinese Internet portal SINA Corporation has teamed with Google to improve SINA’s search offerings in the areas of advertising and news.

Google, SINA Partner On Search
“Google, SINA Partner On Search”
Google, SINA Partner On Search
Microsoft’s “Sina Steals” Post Explained

Microsoft’s Garry Wiseman claimed yesterday that Sina, a Chinese classifieds site, “had not only lifted our previous user interface’s look & feel, but also directly copied some of our graphics.” Wiseman wasn’t pleased, but he didn’t say anything too nasty. Still, some moderately aggressive comments accumulated, and now Wiseman has updated the post.

Could Google Buy China’s Sina?

BusinessWeek suggests Google may look to acquire China-based Sina, a rapidly growing media portal.

Shanda and Skyline Gets a Chunk of Sina

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited and its controlling shareholder Skyline Media Limited has acquired about 19.5% of the outstanding ordinary shares of Sina through open market purchases.

Yahoo, Sina Joint Venture 1Pai Accused Of Database Theft

1Pai.com.cn, a Chinese auction house jointly established by Yahoo and the Sina Corporation, has been accused by rival auction house Taobao.com of stealing database information. Yahoo China has stated that they would let the joint venture fight back without their help.

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