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LiveDeal Posts SimplyHired Jobs On Site

Online classified website LiveDeal has followed MySpace in tapping job search engine SimplyHired for employment listings.

Job Search Asia And The Pacific
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The Recruit.net search engine can find jobs for coders in China, analysts in Australia, and system administrators in Singapore.

Why SimplyHired Was A Good Choice For Fox
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The decision by Fox Interactive Media and Foundation Capital to drop $13.5 million into SimplyHired is an interesting one in light of the website’s competition, who boasts more traffic. According to Hitwise, SimplyHired.com brings in only a third of traffic rival job site Indeed.com.

MySpace To Show SimplyHired Listings

Fox Interactive Media has invested $3.5 million in job search site SimplyHired.com and will display its job listings in the MySpace classifieds section.

Buy Side Publishing

What are the alternatives to DRM with a viable business model for content producers in an increasingly decentralized market?

ASP Leads JSP In Job Openings

It would not be a bad idea to be skilled in both ASP and JSP, as a number of open positions found in a recent job search asked for the two skill sets.

ColdFusion Job Opportunities Going Inert

For programmers considering a career path, employers seeking Java and .NET skillsets greatly outnumber those who want a ColdFusion programmer or developer.

C Programming Jobs Not Trending Downward
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It’s all over for C. Ruby and Python have replaced C as the programming language of choice for developers who aren’t churning out Visual Basic daily. At least, that’s what the rumor mill suggests.