Simon & Schuster Articles

Gillian Anderson Is Writing a Sci-Fi Trilogy

Publisher Simon & Schuster has just announced a new science fiction endeavor, an imprint called Simon451 (a clear homage to Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451) – and one of the first authors to sign on to the new division …

Apple Injunction Issued Over e-Book Price Fixing Apple Injunction Issued Over e-Book Price Fixing

Weeks of litigation ended this week when the Department of Justice issued Apple Inc. an injunction in the e-books antitrust case. The injunction will last for five-years, starting in early October. It is accompanied by an External Compliance Monitor; the …

Amazon Kindle To Get 5,000 More Titles

Amazon.com has announced that publisher Simon & Shuster will make 5,000 more books available for the Amazon Kindle, pushing the number of books available to 130,00 on the wireless device.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said the Kindle e-books now account for 6 percent of sales among the previous 125,000 titles available on the site in both print and electronic formats.