Firefox To Soon Block Plugins By Default

Firefox To Soon Block Plugins By Default

By Zach Walton September 25, 2013 | 2 Comments

Plugins are a necessary evil of the Internet. The often vulnerable software plugins that enable video and audio streaming on Web browsers are regularly exploited by hackers. To stop the spread of malware, Mozilla is now moving to change how …

Microsoft Smacks Popfly Into Web 2.0

A public beta of Microsoft’s Popfly content builder debuted, offering an environment for creating mashups and gadgets built on their Silverlight platform.

LiveStation & Silverlight showcase at IBC2007
IBC 2007 sees the start of the first large?scale technical trial of the LiveStation platform, designed to distribute broadcast channels over the Internet to a freely downloadable player, based on a Microsoft Silverlight user experience.

LiveStation is a revolutionary new global network that will enable broadcasters to deliver live audio and video to a potential audience of hundreds of millions of broadband connected consumers.

Hell Freezes Over: Microsoft Supporting Linux

Look for Beelzebub to stroll around in long underwear with a Windows logo on it, now that Microsoft has opted to have its Silverlight media player supported on Linux.

MLB Brightens Microsoft Silverlight Player
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Microsoft’s new Silverlight browser plug-in media player has a prime spot on the websites of Major League Baseball.

Scoble on Sifting Through Feeds

I watched a very interesting video on the Google Reader blog where Robert Scoble takes viewers through his process of going through his Google Reader (which contains hundreds of feeds).

Microsoft Promoting Surface with Silverlight
Just reading my feeds and noticed a post by Mark Johnston who has spotted (thanks to Sean Alexander) that Silverlight is now on Microsoft.com

No Java, Flash, .NET/Silverlight for iPhone?

Apple announced third-party apps for the iPhone. Sounds a LOT like Adobe’s new AIR. Delivers HTML and JavaScript apps down to the phone via Safari. What’s interesting is what Steve Jobs left out.

No Java. So, can’t run Kyte.tv’s application. Can’t run the Google Maps application I’m using on my Nokia. Can’t run something cool coming soon from eBay that I’m testing out. Can’t run Radar.net. Etc. Etc.

Microsoft’s Silverlight A Menace To YouTube?
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Soapbox represented Microsoft’s attempt kill YouTube.  It failed.  Actually, since Soapbox was pulled off the market, then reintroduced, you could say that it failed twice.  In any event, Microsoft may now take another shot at YouTube, and this time the company’s hopes rest with Silverlight.

Silverlight for Opera

Completely missed in all the talk at Mix about Silverlight, Microsoft’s amazing development platform for rich applications, is the news that Silverlight is coming to the excellent Opera browser.

Java’s Weapon to Kill Flash, Ajax, SilverLight

Java has long failed to woo Internet users on the client front-end. Flash was ruling it for years; but with the recent announcement of SilverLight from Microsoft, Sun could no longer stay behind. So, they are trying again with a consumer-flavored Java – JavaFX.

An Underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash Battle

To put an underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash battle, last night there were several Web video startups that presented at the SF New Tech! Live shindig. I think all of them are using Flash. Will Silverlight start to show up? You can watch last night’s proceedings too on Veodia. Funny enough, they aren’t using Flash.

Silverlight Makes A Splash

A number of press releases use words like “amazing” or “revolutionary.”  Then, as you read on, you find that the corresponding product or service is duller than dust.  With Microsoft’s new Silverlight, the opposite appears to be true – a relatively modest press release accompanied this new “cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in,” and rave reviews ensued.

CBS Eyes Silverlight For Local Video

Microsoft’s entry into the cross-browser media player category has received a warm reception from CBS Television, which will use it as part of a community-generated content project for a network of local websites.

Microsoft Fine-Tunes Branding

Microsoft is making several subtle and smart moves to improve its inconsistent and unimaginative branding schemes:

Microsoft Green Lights Silverlight

Developers are buzzing about Microsoft’s latest release, Silverlight, a video plug-in application that spans video formats, allowing them to viewed through one video channel. Though there is a secret feature to be revealed in the coming weeks, the revealing of Silverlight is already being touted as an affront to Adobe.