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Firefox To Soon Block Plugins By Default

Plugins are a necessary evil of the Internet. The often vulnerable software plugins that enable video and audio streaming on Web browsers are regularly exploited by hackers. To stop the spread of malware, Mozilla is now moving to change how Firefox handles plugins. Mozilla announced today that Firefox will soon block most third-party plugins by default. This means that future …

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Microsoft Launches SDK for Silverlight Bing Apps

This week Microsoft announced a Bing API application, which is a Silverlight feature that gives users the ability to manipulate Bing results. The software developer kit (SDK), is what Microsoft says the real news is.

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Microsoft Puts Out New Version of Silverlight

Microsoft has launched Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 today. Silverlight is a browser plug-in that enables companies to design, develop, and deliver web apps. Expression is a set of design tools and technologies.

The new Silverlight release in particular is big news. Over 1/3 of Internet devices have installed version 2 since its launch less than nine months ago.

Microsoft also announced that MGM and NBC Sports are using Silverlight for different forthcoming video efforts.

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MySpace, Microsoft Announce Two New Deals

People who are interested in the connections between Greek gods may get a kick out of this story.  MySpace and Microsoft have shaken hands over two different matters, establishing a powerful alliance but also creating a somewhat twisted corporate family tree. 

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