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Yahoo Travel Focuses On FareChase

Consider this one more example of how Yahoo does not, by any means, move quickly.  Still, the search market’s perpetual runner-up does move, and its latest change brought the FareChase travel engine into a more prominent spot.

SideStep Providing Washingtonpost.com Search

Internet travel search company SideStep, has announced a distribution partnership with the washingtonpost.com.

SideStep Acquires TripUp

SideStep promotes itself as “the traveler’s search engine,” while TripUp is “an interactive travel community.”  And as similar as those names and descriptions are, they may soon grow even more alike; SideStep has acquired TripUp.

SideStep Acquires TravelPost.com

‘ve been doing a lot of research in the hotel space just recently – and I’m not just talking about planning my next vacation either!

SideStep Slips Into Attractions

The travel metasearch website expanded its categories to include local attractions, activities, and ticket search so visitors can book those along with other travel arrangements.

Online Travel Industry Hits $104 Billion By 2010

JupiterResearch did some digging in the metrics for the online travel market in the U.S. and came up with some big numbers in the coming years. Their report entitled, “U.S. Travel Forecast, 2005 to 2010,” predicts $68 billion by the end of 2005 and $104 billion by 2010.

SideStep Walks Into Marriott

Travel search engine SideStep has a new agreement with Marriott International to search its sites for rate information.

Travel Advertising Success With SideStep

SideStep Inc., search engine for travelers, has had success with travel leaders such as Independence Air and Best Western International.

Gambling Ads Sidestep Google Filters

As reported in WebProNews earlier, search engines Google and Yahoo have decided to ban online casino ads from appearing on SERPs. The ban was to go into effect at the end of April. However, it appears that some of the casinos have found a way to “cheat” the filters Google has put in place.