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Google Sorrier For Sicko Comments
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Google’s apparently very, very sorry about Google Health Advertising blogger Lauren Turner’s comments criticizing Michael Moore’s film Sicko – so sorry the company’s PR department put out a statement and resident star blogger Matt Cutts put out a guide to corporate blogging.

Google Health Ads Blog Backs Off Sicko
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A Google blogger posted a pro-healthcare industry item that criticized filmmaker Michael Moore’s new film, while suggesting Google ads as a way to counter negative publicity.

Making the Most of Video

Varying the format, just notes from the discussion on Video with Robert Scoble of Podtech and hosted by Howard Greenstein. It was supposed to be on the future of video, as well as revenue sources and programming and turned into a discussion on copyrights and the Internet and distribution model.

“Sicko” Shows Up On YouTube, Google Video
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Since misunderstandings occur so frequently between just two or three people, it’s possible to appreciate how a much larger group could get mixed up.  Still, when that larger group is Google, and the mix-up involves Google Video, YouTube, and a copyrighted film that has yet to be released, somebody’s bound to get angry.

Is This iPerv Week or What?

I didn’t torture myself to investigate as to whether there was a season for weird Internet sex stories in the press, but as for 2007, iPerv Week is May 21-25.