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The “BREAKING BAD” House: Who Really LIVES There?

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is in its final season. Many are left with questions. Not about chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, Walter White either. Some want to know about the house where much of the storyline occurred. Who actually lives there in the “White House?” Well, it seems one Albuquerque resident, “Fran,” says she’s owned the house since the early 1970s. …

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Yahoo And Paramount Bring Back “Burning Love” For Two More Seasons

Yahoo and Paramount announced the renewal of its comedy series Burning Love, which debuted in June on Yahoo Screen. There will be at least two more seasons, beginning next year. “The star-studded first season of Burning Love, produced by Ben Stiller (among others), premiered to critical acclaim and is coming back with another exciting season that will feature Ken Marino, …

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Paramount Follows Up “Paranormal” Marketing with More Social Fun

Paramount, the company behind the distribution of the smash-hit Paranormal Activity is now showcasing a new film-meets-social media project. Paramount’s Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) division has teamed up with Adobe, MySpace, Mountain Dew, and Blockbuster on the production, distribution, and marketing on a new "supernatural thriller" web series called Circle of Eight.

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Amazon Starts Offering HD Movies and Shows

Amazon announced today that HD TV shows are available for purchase, and HD movies are available for devices supporting Amazon Video On Deamnd.

There are over 500 shows and movies from major studios available in HD. Studios include Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Paramount, MGM, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Showtime. Popular titles they’re mentioning include Twilight, Smallville, Gossip Girl, Frost/Nixon, and Californication.

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YouTube Finally Goes to the Next Level

YouTube has finally announced after months of talks about deals with major media companies that they are now offering new sections on the site dedicated specifically to movies and television shows.

Partners include Crackle, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz and many others, which contribute thousands of television show episodes and hundreds of films. They also bring the social element of YouTube along with them because users can still comment, favorite, and share the videos.

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