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Twitter Helmet Pecks at Google Glass, Facebook’s Oculus Buy

In the jokiest, April Fools-y way possible, Twitter has fired some shots at immersive, wearable technology like Google Glass and even Oculus VR, which was recently acquired by “rival” Facebook. Oh no they di’int. Everyone has an April Fools’ joke to tell today. Google has a couple (per usual), Netflix has a video of a roasting chicken–it’s chaos, I tell …

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Nokia Mocks Apple’s Gold iPhone with Odd Breaking Bad Reference

When Microsoft purchased Nokia’s Devices and Services business a few weeks ago, Steve Ballmer sent an email to Microsoft employees that split the rationale for the purchase into four areas – accelerate phone share, strengthen overall opportunity, smart acquisition and strong execution plan. Not featured on the list? A strong Twitter snark initiative. As you may have heard, Apple just …

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