AOL Shortcuts, Kroger Make Clipless Coupons

AOL Shortcuts, Kroger Make Clipless Coupons

By WebProNews Staff March 13, 2008 | 2 Comments

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Google Checkout & Gmail Updates

I was browsing through the Google Blogs using my Yahoo Pipe and noticed that there have been a couple pieces of cool news item floating around at the the Gmail and Google Checkout blogs.

Google Experiments: Search Views, Shortcuts…

Google has released a new experiments area where users can pilot some of the enhancements that the search giant is trialing. By signing up, you can give them a test drive and provide feedback to help shape their final release.

The experiments include alternative views for search results, keyboard shortcuts and new navigation options. All the experiments represent some interesting improvements to the current Google search experience.

Yahoo Shortcuts Searchers To Enhancements

Popular searches for consumer electronics, medical information, and NFL players now generate Yahoo Shortcuts in the search engine’s results pages.

(Some) Hotels Get Special Yahoo Shortcuts

I’ve stayed in a pretty wide range of hotels; none of them seemed dangerous, but some were definitely less pleasant than others.  Now Yahoo Shortcuts is stepping up its effort to help users find the best possible lodgings.

Yahoo Sports Shortcut Takes A Swing

Do a query for a professional athlete on Yahoo Search, and a new Sports Shortcut may appear with extra details about him. UPDATE: It does now in Firefox; please see the comments section for details.

Hotels Reserve Space In Yahoo Search

Yahoo has enabled some travel assistance within its search results for people looking for hotels at a vacation destination.

Yahoo Pops Up More Info With Shortcuts
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Yahoo News has recently added the company’s Shortcuts technology to news stories. The Shortcuts provide a window into more information about timely news terms.

Another SEO Challenge, This Time for Godin

If you don’t know who Seth Godin is, you probably don’t read a lot of marketing blogs or marketing books. He’s authored about a dozen, including my personal favorite entitled “All Marketers Are Liars.” He’s spoken at Google and his blog was recently listed as the number 1 marketing blog in the world.

Ok, enough with his bio; one of his recent posts greatly disappointed me, because he apparently doesn’t understand SEO. After looking deeply at his blog, I was horrified to discover some major downfalls. So I’m going to make some claims, show some evidence and put forth a logical case against his view point and I’m even going to slam his article on SEO as naïve, ill-contrived and most importantly, encouraging of a very expensive mistake for business owners. I’ve got nothing personally against him, but when someone that public publishes something so ignorant concerning a large part of my profession, it warrants a strong response.

Yahoo Puts Bang Into Search

Tis the season to wait in traffic, wait for a parking space, wait in line; holidays can be such a weight on a person. Yahoo has delivered a better bang for getting search results, so people don’t have to spend as long typing.

Yahoo Premieres Movie Shortcuts

More Yahoo Search Shortcut features, for finding information about movies, can quickly retrieve a trailer or showtimes online.

Franchises Offer Shortcuts, But Not Control

Q: I will be retiring this year at age 60 and intend to fulfill my lifelong dream of owning my own business. I’m too old to start from scratch, so I’m looking at several franchise opportunities, including fast food, auto parts, and an accounting service. What should I consider before choosing one? Anthony R.

New Shortcuts For Google’s Mobile Search
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Google has made three new search features available for users of its mobile web search (XHTML) service including easy ways to find movie showtimes, weather conditions, and stock prices.

Whats With Google Web Quotes and Google Keyboard Shortcuts?
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Sometimes I don’t understand Google. At times they are quite brilliant, and other times they act like some high school kids with a web site.

Search Engine Shortcuts
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As search engine use continues exponentially, there are apparent trends that searchers are employing when they perform queries. The most noticeable being that search engine users are mainly interested in results that appear on the first page of the SERPs (search engine results pages), or the “10 blue links”, as they are called by Daniel Reed of Ask Jeeves.

Yahoo Adds Movie Showtime Shortcut
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Gary Price (via SEL) noted Yahoo’s recent addition of a movie showtime shortcut.

Yahoo Search Shortcuts
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I’ve used Google shortcuts for a long time – you know, like “links:www.webpronews.com” to find out how many links to my site Google recognizes, and “define:guttural” to find definitions. They also recently launched a travel information shortcut, and a number range operator.