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Kmart Returns To “Ship My Pants” Just In Time For The Holidays

Earlier this year, Kmart surprised everyone with a new advertising campaign called “Ship my pants.” I won’t go into detail as you presumably know about the infamous, and frankly wonderful, advertising campaign already. What’s important today is that the same ad is back, but with a decidedly more festive twist. Kmart introduced the world to a new ad today called …

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‘Ship My Pants’ Ad Seems To Be Working For Kmart

Earlier this week, we looked at a new Kmart ad entitled, “Ship My Pants”. It pretty much came out of left-field. I don’t think anyone would’ve expected an ad like this from Kmart, and perhaps that’s the point. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment: Done? Go ahead, watch it again. Yeah, that Kmart ad has almost ten …

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