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Mount Everest Shut Down After Avalanche Kills 16

Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous locations on earth where many people die every year. Things came to a head earlier this month when a massive avalanche ripped through the Sherpas carrying supplies up the mountain leaving 16 people dead and three others wounded. In response, the infamous mountain has been shut down. After the shut down, sherpas …

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Mt. Everest: A Thrill and a Death Trap

Why do people climb Mt. Everest? Because it’s there. It is the tallest mountain in the world. It is ten times taller than the worlds tallest building, and is only slightly lower than the cruising altitude of a jumbo jet. The attraction of a seemingly insurmountable object like Everest is too great for some people to pass up. Perhaps every …

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Mount Everest Avalanche: Are Sherpas Safe?

The recent avalanche that took place on Mount Everest and claimed the lives of 13 Sherpas has led many to wonder how safe Sherpas really are. Sherpas are known for their high-altitude fortitude but the avalanche caused many of them to pack up their tents and leave Mount Everest. Even before the avalanche, the Sherpas had begun to grow unhappy …

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