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Lily Allen Raises Ire of Christians

Lilly Allen raised the ire of Christians recently when she performed in a faux Nativity scene during a concert in Brixton, England about a week ago. The singer rolled around in a faux-manger stuffed with hay while biblical representations of donkeys and gifts danced behind her at the O2 Academy. British newspaper the Independent reports that many were upset by …

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Lily Allen On How “Weird” Social Media Is

Lily Allen spoke up about her feelings regarding social media recently, particularly sites like Instagram and Twitter that only give glimpses into someone’s life. The singer may use the services herself, but she says it’s weird that we all enjoy looking at photos of other people all the time. “We live in a world where people are obsessed with the …

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Lily Allen’s Alleged Behavior Has Friends Worried About A Return to the Party Life

Lily Allen has a history of some pretty serious partying in the day, and now friends are worried that she has returned to her wild past, according to the British magazine Grazia. The British singer became an overnight sensation in 2006 with her debut single, Smile, and knew how to get her party on. But things changed after she married …

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