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Fresno State Student Sexually Assaults Sheep

Fresno State University police arrested an intoxicated student after he allegedly had sex with a sheep in the campus agricultural barn. According to the police report, the incident occurred at around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. The unidentified computer science student told the arresting officers that he had drank an “unknown amount of beverages,” before being booked at Fresno County Jail. The …

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Cute “Geep” Baby Awes And Bewilders

Adorable baby Butterfly is not a goat and she’s not a sheep. She’s actually a “geep”, and her rare parentage has led to quite a bit of attention for the youngster. Butterfly, named so because of the pattern of spots on her body, has a pygmy goat for a dad and sheep for a mom (goat + sheep = “geep”). …

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Teaser Compares iPhone Users To Sheep

Considering the war of words that broke out after Instagram was made available to Android users, perhaps Samsung is onto something. Is it a sense of insecurity that goes with owning Apple products, or are people really that butthurt over an “iPhone-only” photography app crossing over to another platform? Again, when you look at the complaints that followed, Samsung may …

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