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Shark Attack Victim Speaks About Her Ordeal

A woman who had a chunk of her calf bitten off by a shark off the coast of Florida earlier this month shared her experience of the attack Friday. Amy Tatsch — a mother of six — was attacked on May 15 while on a family outing to Melbourne Beach, in Florida. Although it is unknown what type of shark …

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Shark Attack Victim’s Husband Speaks About Incident

Rob Armstrong knew something was wrong. A bird came out of nowhere and swooped down on him, almost as if it were trying to warn him of the grave danger he and his wife Christine would soon be in. It was shortly afterwards that Armstrong and his swimming group noticed a large whaler shark heading in their direction. No one …

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Shark Attack Victim Escapes Great White

Shark attacks, it seems, have become more and more common in recent years. Where once we laughed at the idea of a giant dorsal fin sliding through the water (after the initial queasiness that “Jaws” induced, obviously), now it’s a very real possibility every time one goes to the beach. One Cape Cod man found that out the hard way. …

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