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Read This: Google Reader Shares Your Stuff
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Users of Google Reader now find themselves sharing items with friends through the chat feature in Gmail, aka Google Talk.

Digg Scoops Up Images, Tweaks Categories

It took a while but Digg finally has an images category available for contributions and sharing with other Diggers.

Microsoft Building Photo Sharing Service

I was tipped off to an interesting job posting by Microsoft posted on Friday regarding upcoming efforts to create a photo sharing service that will compete with Flickr, Smugmug and other internet based photo sharing sites.

Best Buy Launches Paid Video Service

Best Buy has launched an online video sharing service that lets users store and share home movies on the Web.

Penalties of Spamming Wikipedia
Spam Wikipedia, and you will end up in one of the most dreaded places in the World Wide Web. Imagine a place where your site appears in the ‘Spammer Blacklist’ and Yahoo! And Google give you the cold shoulder.

Google, Hollywood Need To Figure Out Video
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Google isn’t the only company that has to determine the best way to protect copyrighted video; the movie and TV studios have to come to grips with a way to let people share content, or forever kill the ability to monetize it online.

Microsoft, Viacom Posture On Content Sharing
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The newly announced User Generated Content Principles, backed by several media companies, exhorts websites to filter content while paying lip service to fair use.

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

SMX: Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers & Answer Sharing
Web users rely on community-contributed-content sites such as Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. These sites enable you to communicate directly with an engaged audience. But contribute to the conversation with care. Too much spin and you’re credibility will be shot-and your brand damaged. You’ll come away from this session knowing how these influential sites work and how to participate constructively.

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

Scrapblog Scraps For March Of Dimes

Multimedia scrapbooking site Scrapblog will assist the latest March of Dimes fundraising campaign with an effort called ‘Every Baby Has a Story’.

Google Library Foe Penning Googlization Book
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Siva Vaidhyanathan sees reasons to worry about Google and its goal of organizing the world’s information.

Irish Pix.ie Excels At Photo Sharing
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Pix.ie is a photo-sharing site that’s based in, and generally targeted at, Ireland.  But if you’re not Irish, it’s still worth a look – among other advantages, the beta version of Pix.ie has a monthly upload limit that’s five times larger than what Flickr offers.

Yahoo Reminds Photo Users Of Shutdown
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An email from Yahoo arrived in the inboxes of its Photos service users to remind them of the September 20 shutdown date.

Gannett Launches Local Mobile Sites
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News company Gannett announced today that it is entering the mobile market and will make its breaking news, sports, weather and local information available to mobile phone users in 100 local markets.

Social Networks Feed Photo Sharing

I’ve put exactly one picture on MySpace; my Facebook profile contains a whopping five or so.  Yet a new Hitwise report proves that this is not the norm, and that traffic from social networks gives an extreme boost to a lot of photo-sharing sites.

Picture This: Picasa Updates From Google

Users of Google’s Picasa Web Albums have a couple of new features available for placing photos on maps, and Picasa on mobile devices.

Email Sharing Added to Google Reader
I know this is going to freak you out but, did you know that some of your friends and family don’t actually use an RSS reader? I know, I was shocked too – next we’ll learn that some people still have newspapers delivered!

FON Sharing Wi-Fi With Time Warner

A deal between Time Warner Cable (TWC) and FON will allow TWC customers to share Wi-Fi connections with other FON users.

Big Media Fears Your Video Upload
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It’s not the box office return for "Grindhouse" that worries Big Media, but the potential for the Internet to unleash a whole bunch of wanna-be Tarantinos and Rodriguezes into the world of the digital media.

Content Tagging & Sharing Now Really Delicious

I’m probably a typical web user. Whenever I see a website page or a blog post that has something interesting, I’ll bookmark it in Firefox (or add it to favorites in Internet Explorer).

That’s the traditional way of keeping track of content out there you want to refer to again.

TiVo and Home Movie Sharing

TiVo.com | TiVo Home Movie Sharing Today TiVo launched a cool new service called "Home Movies" in a joint venture with One True Media.

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