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Creating a PAD File to Promote Shareware

Creating a PAD file to promote shareware is one of the most popular ways that shareware professionals use to promote their software on the internet.

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What is Shareware?

What is Shareware? Shareware is software that you can try before you buy. Software developers post trial versions of their software on websites. Consumers can then download the trial version to their computer and evaluate it. If the consumer likes the software they can purchase it. Shareware is also called try before you buy.

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Monitoring File or Directory Changes

Many modern systems provide a way to watch a directory for events (new files, reading the directory, modification of a file in the directory, etc.). This facility can be done in various ways, from providing hooks in the filesystem code itself to something that watches for inode changes. Linux and BSD have several possibilities in that regard, including dnotify, changedfiles, and watch.

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