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Foote, Cone and Belding Blogs in Germany

One of the largest advertising agencies in the world is now blogging, at least in Germany.

Mobiles Continue To Gain Handheld Market Share

Handheld telephones are seemingly becoming a thing of the past. For the fourth successive quarter, handheld systems continued their year-over-year decline.

Do You Know The Bloggers You Read?

Hans Henrik raises an interesting question: How much do you need to know about a blogger to actually feel you know him or her …

Yukos Founder Passes His Share

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, founder of Yukos who has been jailed, has gotten rid of his holdings in the company.

SEM Pros Share PR Case Studies

Three search engine marketing pros shared their public relations case studies at the Search Engine Strategies 2004 Conference & Expo.

Google Offers Share Buyback

Reuters reminds us that Google still has the small issue of 23.4 million shares that were not correctly registered with the SEC.

Grab Your Share of Untold Amounts of Advertising Dollars

If you advertise in anyway, the following information could show you how to find and utilize untold advertising dollars you may not be aware of.

Juniper Networks Grows Market Share Leadership in SSL VPN

Infonetics Reports that Juniper Networks Has 57 Percent of the SSL VPN Market; Leads in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Unit Shipments.

Sun Outperforms all Vendors in Revenue Market Share Growth on Q/Q Basis

In the second quarter of 2004, Sun Microsystems achieved significant revenue and volume growth in almost every category.

Report: Cisco Systems Captures Enterprise Voice Revenue Market Share

Cisco is Now Number-4 Voice Vendor Worldwide; Only Vendor to Realize Revenue Market Share Gains Calendar Q2 2004, According to Synergy Research.

How Web Services Spurt Multi-Bidder Real Time Auctions

Banner-alike real-time auctioning Web Services can be easily incorporated into websites – just like a regular banner.

Tools For Checking Backlinks To Your Site
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What’s the best way of finding all the existing links to your site? It’s widely acknowledged that Google doesn’t show all the links when you do a “link:www.yoursite.com” search. Dave Hawley said that Google confirmed to him that they only ever shows a sample of the links to a given site.

Furl Offers To Save, Share, And Recall Anything Found Online

Mike Giles, previously of Vitria.com, has created a site/utility that takes bookmarking websites to a whole new level, the level of personalization. As the search industry and the web as a whole moves towards personalization, Furl is offering a web application that has the idea of a personalized web at heart.

Tool Monitors Your Site’s Google Ranking

If you’re looking for an easy way to monitor and track your ranking for specific keywords in Google then you should consider using GoogleRankings.

Elvis: First Known Gmail User

Google announced a new free email service at the end of their West Coast day yesterday, ensuring a media blitz on the holiest of hoaxter holidays – April Fools Day. Is this upcoming service the real deal?

Google Dominates Search Referral Market Share

Google’s hold on the search engine market continues. In a report released by WebSideStory.com today, it was revealed that Google is the highest-ranking search engine in terms of search referral market share.

MapQuest Points To Future Of RealTime Marketing

MapQuest called recently to talk about the new MapQuest Advantage API that they’re licensing. Craig Barton, Director of Product Management for MapQuest Business Solutions, shared some interesting current uses of the MapQuest API, as well as a tanalizing glimpse into the future of maps and marketing.

Tool Tracks Google Ranking Changes

RankPulse tracks and publishes the daily changes in 1,000 different keywords at Google. They focus on high competition keywords like “cars” and “free domain name” and present their findings in graph format on their site.

Tool Compares Google And Yahoo Algorithms

One of the coolest tools I’ve seen recently for comparing Google and Yahoo results lives over at the blog site langreiter.com.

The Tension Between Google and Yahoo!

With the launch of Overture’s new Site Match product, Yahoo has plunged yet again into the search engine spotlight

Get Your Share of ‘Old’ Business.

Lets face it…winning new business is fun. Particularly in service firms where there is substantial personal involvement required to gain clients. But the jubilation of landing new accounts often leads to problems.