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Incentive To Grab For Google’s Share

Speculation abounds about the future of search and the dominance of Google, as rivals Microsoft and Yahoo ramp up their search engines and consider incentives for people to use their search.

PreFound Brings Revenue Share to Social SE

The social search engine, Prefound announced today that it will begin sharing revenue with topic experts to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information on specific topics of interest to the PreFound.com community.

Google Gains Market Share, Other Lose

According to Nielsen / Netratings, Google gained almost six percentage points in search market share from 12/04 – 12/05.

Verizon Wants Its Share of Google’s Success

Wow, Verizon is griping that Google is getting a “free lunch” by using the infrastructure built and paid for by the phone companies.

Newspapers Want Share of Search Engine Success

A group of newspaper publishers say they have had enough of watching the search engines soar to success thanks in part to the content they publish.

Google Sees 82% Profit Jump, Is It Enough?

Reuters reports Google’s net profit rose 82% in fourth quarter to $372.2 million.

Your Share Of The Google Buck: 78.5 Cents

Those AdSense ads appearing on blogs and sites all over the Internet pay pretty generously to those publishers, but we anticipate hearing more from Google on this figure.

Google Share Target Soars To $600

The sky may be the limit for many, but for Google it looks even higher, as analyst firm Piper Jaffray ups its prediction to $600 per share of GOOG.

Google Getting Ready to Share Feed Reader API

Niall Kennedy breaks the news that Google is getting ready to offer a feed reader API to allow third-party developers to build new views of feed data on top of Google’s backend.

Google Share Price Tops $400

The search engine company has gone from being an exercise in delivering relevant results for web queries to a global corporation with a market capitalization of $110 billion dollars.

Firefox Jumps In Browser Market Share

After a couple of steps back over the summer, Mozilla’s Firefox browser now holds 11.51% of the market in browsers used.

Yahoo Gives Danny Sullivan Button Share

The portal company has offered an enhancement for Internet users, and it comes after some prompting from search engine expert Sullivan on his blog.

GOOG Worth $217/Share: Analyst

AnalystMorningstar has an interview with an analyst who sees Google primarily as an advertising company that should be valued on that basis.

Yahoo Lookin to Dig It, Tag It And Share It

The kids in Sunnyvale filed for a new trademark on the phrase, “Dig It. Tag It. Share It.” This new line could well be the beginning of a new slogan for the Yahooligans.

Browser Share: IE Up, Firefox Down

The analytics firm NetApplications has released its September 2005 numbers, and Firefox has declined in share for the second time this year.

Google Extends Lead In Search Share

While Google was adding to its lead in search engine share, MSN Search gained at Yahoo and AOL’s expense.

Lies and Statistics – the Unix Server Market

“There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.” The source of that truth seems to be unknown, but it’s sure on the mark for statistics reported in the Unix server market.

Google Walloping Search World In Market Share

The majority share of global search owned by Google actually decreased slightly over the past two months.

Oracle Conquers Siebel For $10.66 A Share

Larry Ellison’s firm will acquire CRM company Siebel Systems in a deal that could be worth as much as $5.85 billion USD.

CA and IBM Share Patents

Computer Associates (CA) is giving the open-source community access to 14 of its patents and entering an agreement with IBM for the two companies to share their technology with each other.

Guess Who’s Tops In Search Share?

Here’s some hints: 1) they just launched a voice/IM client; 2) they may be deflating their stock with a secondary sale; 3) the firm’s name rhymes with Google.