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Share Local Info with BackofMyHand

Introducing an exciting new site called enabling you to become a local anywhere.

Posts that Share with Others – Link Roundups

Blog posting ideas present an ongoing challenge for even the most experienced and creative bloggers.

Search Happenings November 2006

You’ve probably heard of Top 5 or Top 10 lists but probably not Top 7. This the spin of uniqueness SEO Space has done for their latest post: Top 7 Search Happenings November 2006.

Ask Search Share May Climb With Lycos

If Lycos as a name does not grab your attention right away, you may be missing the size of the scope of the deal that has Ask replacing a couple of pretty big names on the Lycos network.

Browser Market Share Data

Speaking of browsers, I’m working with a client site right now that gets substantial traffic, and gets 88% of its visits from Internet Explorer (only 10% Firefox)! 95% of the IE visits are v. 6 right now.

Sick of Sharing

More precisely, I’m sick of being told to “share” every damned piece of “content” I run across on the Web.

Fox, Yahoo! Share Lead In US Video Streams

Though Yahoo! has the largest video streaming audience (but just barely), Fox Interactive Media streams 20 percent of the US-initiated videos on the Internet, according to comScore. YouTube, just 21 months old, is third all around.

Have You Read A British Blog Today?

There are plenty of readable choices in the blogosphere created by our compatriots across the Atlantic. Crafting a top ten list of them, as with most subjective ideas, yielded a couple of different approaches.

Yahoo Sees Advertising Slowdown, Share Price Drops

A double whammy for Yahoo. Not only did the company announce it is seeing a slowdown in advertising spend in its two hottest sectors…

Miva Serves Up In-line Text Ads

Ad network Miva is adding a new pay-per-click ad – in-line text links that show pop-up ad whenever a user mouses over them.

Blogs, PPC and MySpace for Online Marketing

Kauffman eVenturing is featuring several new articles focused on helping entrepreneurs evaluate different aspects of online marketing, from search engine optimization and key word advertising to blogging, online publishing and using eBay as a distribution channel.

Search Share: Google Down, Ask Up

Yahoo also made a slight gain in its share of the search market, while search on AOL plunged four percent in July 2006 from the same period last year.

Dells Reputation Tipping Point

All sorts of opinions are flying around about Dell’s recall of over four million laptop computer batteries announced Monday.

Bloglines Share of Feedburner Numbers?

I know a lot of folks out there use FeedBurner to outsource the hosting and metrics of their RSS feeds. I’ve not done so (yet?) but am curious about one thing.

Firefox Up In Share, Out In Beta

The Mozilla Firefox web browser has begun moving upward again in global market share, and those users can now try out version 2.0 Beta 1 of the browser.

Web 2.0: Knowledge Sharing

In the case of the Web 2.0 Watermill, there are primarily four areas where technology is beginning to facilitate a vastly improved Internet: knowledge collection, knowledge discovery, knowledge building, and knowledge sharing.

Google To Sell Over $2 Billion In New Shares

Google is going for another secondary public offering, the third time it is offering fresh shares to the public.

Google and Ask Increase Audience Share

It’s not really surprising that Google continues to dominate search share in the US.

Yawn, Google Extends Search Share Lead

In today’s exciting news, the Sun remains warm to the touch, no one under fourteen should read Scott Adams’ “God’s Debris,” and Google gained six percentage points in the US search market for February.

Share Your Google Reader List

Google Reader has a new feature: You can share your starred items, or any label, with others, or you can show them in a widget on your blog.

Judge Makes Google Share Info with Government

CNN is reporting breaking news…