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Search Share Same As It Ever Was

August figures for search engine share as recorded by Compete found Google with two-thirds of queries made during the month.

AskCity – Embedded Maps, Re-Routing & Zip Code Search

Ask.com’s AskCity, their business search product, has added the ability to share maps by embedding them in a website, just like Google Maps did 20 days ago*.

Microsoft Loses Search Share To Google

The latest Hitwise data indicates that almost 65 percent of all U.S. searches went through Google this July; given another month or four, the search giant is likely to hit the two-thirds mark.

Microsoft Search Gained Without Club Live
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When web services firm Compete stripped out the Club Live numbers from MSN/Live Search share, Microsoft still enjoyed a month to month gain in search.

Warner, Imeem Resolve Suit, Share Music

Two months ago, Warner Music Group (WMG) filed suit against Imeem for copyright infringement.  Now the suit has been dropped, and – get this – the two companies have announced a strategic partnership through which “WMG’s world-class catalog of popular audio and video content will be made available . . . for interactive, on-demand streaming on imeem’s free, ad-supported service.”

Sohu Will Soon Share Videos

Sohu’s getting into video sharing; new reports indicate that “China’s premier online brand” will launch a service within the next week.  This should nicely round out Sohu’s current crop of products.

Google Releases “Share of Voice” Impression Metrics

Search engine giant Google has released another enhancement to its AdWords advertising platform which will allow advertisers to get a better understanding of their campaigns’ performance. The new impression metrics are akin to traditional advertising’s "Share of Voice" measurements.

Microsoft Buys Its Way To More Searches
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MSN/Live Search received a substantial boost to its volume of queries after launching a game site that makes players use Live Search to gain points.

AdWords Adds Impression Share Reporting
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Google has placed a new section in its AdWords reporting that will reflect statistics similar to “share of voice” for campaigns.

Google’s Market Share Growth Slows

Hitwise reports that Google’s market share for May is 65.13%. While fielding nearly two thirds of all US searches is definitely not a bad thing, Google’s market share didn’t grow over April 2007. In fact, it actually declined 0.13 percentage points. While the amount is minuscule (representing 0.2% of their market share), for the first time in recent months, some of the other major search engines actually gained market share.

Business Reviews Added To Google Maps
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Google will tap its users for business reviews to complement the ones they collect from other online sources and display.

Schmidt Pleased With Chinese Chief’s Performance

How’s this for a job: run the foreign arm of a gigantic corporation, and don’t worry about making any money for, oh, four or so years.  That’s apparently what Google’s Kai-Fu Lee has been told to do in China.  Yet Lee has other responsibilities, and CEO Eric Schmidt claims to be more than satisfied with the man’s performance.

Jobs, Gates To Share A Stage

The D: All Things Digital conference taking place next week will bring together the two most iconic figures in US technology: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

The Google Kool Aid
Tamar linked to an interesting WebmasterWorld thread, Todays Webmaster & Their Relationship with Google, this week. The original poster makes some good points about how we’ve fallen under Google’s spell, spend too much of our energy focused on Google, think that Google’s guidelines are what define ethical seo, and give Google access to more data than we should.

Search Share: Microsoft Continues To Fall

The Hitwise count of US search market share found Google rising, Yahoo and Microsoft dropping, and Ask picking up a smidgeon of searches.

YouTube To Share The Wealth
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YouTube has announced that it will start paying some of its more popular independent video contributors starting today.

Microsoft Sees Revenue Increase from Advertising
MSFT has issued its Q1 numbers and is expressing their satisfaction with the growth of their online advertising revenue.

An Unreasonable Faith In The Google OS
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The Google Operating System is a myth. I’ll admit it. I also admit that I have a certain amount of faith in myths – or at least fairy (faerie) tales. It’s true that people, when faced with sudden affirmations of faith, will leap to conclusions to support it – it’s called cognitive dissidence. However, a friend of a friend told me a Google OS is eminent, and I believe it.

Google Marches On, Leads In Search

Searchers in the US made Google their choice in March 2007, as Hitwise reported a 64 percent market share for the search engine.

Google, Marry Me

I’ve decided to take the plunge and ask Google to marry me. If we ever divorce it will be very painful to extract myself from all the connnections and tie-ins and find replacement services and tools. I know, I know – most will say I’m doing it for the money. I can’t deny that the Adsense check every month is nice, but it’s not just the money that has me head over heals in love. It’s being connected on a deep soul satisfying level.

Leading Bloggers Gather and Share Secrets

Let’s face it folks, blogging is hard work.

While working on an article about the dark side of blogging, I was delighted to see that some really successful bloggers are separating from their keyboards and coming together to share their tips, strategies and encourage one another.

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