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Casey Kasem Dies at 82 on Father’s Day

Casey Kasem, best known for his radio show American Top 40, passed away early on Father’s Day at the age of 82. His death was confirmed earlier on Sunday by his agent Don Pitts. Kasem’s children Kerri, Mike, and Julie Kasem issued a joint statement about their dad’s death that was released by Casey Kasem’s rep Danny Deraney. “Early this …

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Casey Kasem Fans Hold Birthday Vigil For Ailing Star

Casey Kasem is everywhere. You may not know it yet, but you have heard his voice. Whether it was on the radio or as the voice of the original Shaggy; his voice has had an enormous impact on the nation. That’s why fans are celebrating the star’s 82nd birthday in any way they can. For those who follow all things …

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Kerri Kasem: Not Loving Visitation Agreement at All

Kerri, Mike and Julie Kasem told the media in September that their father’s current wife was not allowing them to visit him. It got so bad that Casey Kasem’s ex-wife, children, friends and colleagues staged a protest in front of his home with signs declaring how much they miss and love Kasem. As Kasem’s Parkinson’s Disease worsened, the kids got …

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