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WestJet Passenger Leaves Sexist Message to Pilot, She Responds

Can someone please remind me what year it is because if I recall, it is 2014 and not 1914! (SIGH) In recent news, a bizarre case of sexism occurred to a Canadian pilot from WestJet airlines. On Wednesday, an airplane was on its scheduled route from Calgary to Victoria, B.C., with female pilot Carey Steacy leading the flight. Most people …

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Swiffer Ad Pulled Over ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Imagery

During World War II, ‘Rosie the Riveter’ became an American propaganda icon for encouraging women to take on jobs normally associated with men. With many men serving overseas, U.S. women took factory jobs producing munitions and other war supplies. Now, home cleaning products company Swiffer has come under fire for using ‘Rosie’ imagery in a steam cleaner ad that could …

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New Florida Logo Called Sexist by Tampa Locals

Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott and the economic development organization Enterprise Florida (EFI) revealed the sunshine state’s first-ever business brand. The slogan for the brand highlights the good weather in the state, associating it with a good “climate” for business. “Each day I talk with CEOs around the world to tell them that Florida is the best place to …

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