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South Korea Ferry Incident: Owner Missing, Crew Members Indicted

The tragedy of the Sewol sinking has angered many South Koreans and observers from around the world. In an attempt to bring justice and closure to the situation, South Korean prosecutors are moving forward with plans to severely punish anyone connected with possibly causing the South Korean ferry disaster. All crew members responsible for the ship’s steering had been detained …

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S. Korea Ferry Disaster: Survivor Count Lowered

Nearly a month has passed since the tragic sinking of the Sewol ferry. As the nation of South Korea continues to mourn, it has been learned that government officials were wrong about the number of survivors. This has lead to the lowering of the survivor count. Coast guard chief Kim Suk-kyoon has said that the true number of survivors following …

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S. Korea Ferry Sewol Frequently Exceeded Cargo Limit

As the investigation into the sinking of the Sewol continues, it becomes clear that there is more to the ship’s sinking than an inept captain and crew. Hundreds of people are now dead or missing because of a gross violation of maritime law that may have started with the ship’s owners. A major factor in the sinking of the South …

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South Korea Ferry Disaster: Prime Minister Resigns

The prime minister of South Korea resigned on Sunday. The act comes amid a growing wave of criticism heaved at the Korean government over its handling of the Sewol incident and subsequent rescue efforts. Former Prime Minister Chung Hong-won said in a statement that the rising tide of “sadness and resentment of the public” played a major role in his …

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South Korea Ferry Disaster: Over One Hundred Dead

It has been nearly one week since the Sewol sank into waters off the southern coast of South Korea. In recent days, the death toll has risen sharply. Over a hundred bodies have been recovered thus far with many more expected to be located as search efforts continue. A wall of Korean policemen acted as a cordon as bodies were …

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