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Seven Terms for Measuring Website Activities

Record keeping measurements for Internet marketing

Record keeping tracks money — where it goes, when it comes in. Internet record keeping is also required for success.

Research Indicates B2B Companies Struggle with Lead Generation and Follow-up

Companies continue to struggle with effective lead generation and lead management according to a new report, “Best Practices in Lead Development,” by SiriusDecisions and KnowledgeStorm.

Seven Ways to Waste Your Money on Yellow Pages Advertising

Each year there is a Yellow Pages arms race where competitors in each category are encouraged to out spend each other. There is only one winner in this arms race, and it is not you! Too many advertisers waste their money on Yellow Pages advertising without first considering their marketing strategy. Here are seven ways you can waste your money.

Khodorkovsky Found Guilty of Six Out of Seven Charges

The reading of Yukos Founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s verdict has been rapped up, and he was found guilty of six out of seven charges of fraud and tax evasion.

The Seven Things You Have To Say About Security

A provider of information risk management solutions offers its take on George Carlin’s famed bit, but on the serious side.

Microsoft: Eight Lawsuits In Seven States

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the filing of eight lawsuits in seven different states aimed at punishing resellers of counterfeit software.

The Seven Deadly Habits of a DBA… And How to Cure Them

Calling widespread bad habits in database administration “deadly” may seem extreme. However, when you consider the critical nature of most data, and just how damaging data loss or corruption can be to a corporation, “deadly” seems pretty dead-on.

Seven Bloggers Named to Media 100 List

Seven bloggers have been named to The Media 100 (PDF) – Media Magazine’s annual list …

The Seven Habits of Effective Blog PR

Nick Wreden has a fantastic post on the seven habits of highly effective PR professionals who work with bloggers …

FT Columnist Says He Scans Blogs for Scoops

James Altucher, a columnist from the Financial Times, writes that every day he reads several blogs …

Blogging The Microsoft Way

I haven’t said much of anything yet about MSN Spaces, but it’s been amusing to watch the reaction to their lame attempt at censorship of blogs.

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Managers

As a consultant, a speaker and a trainer, I’ve hired, trained and worked with managers at every level of management. The best of them have taught me most of whatever it is I know about business. The worst have also been a learning experience. But while the best managers cover virtually every personality type imaginable, the worst –the very worst–seem to have a number of characteristics in common. With apologies to Steven Covey, I offer this completely unscientific compilation of those traits, “The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Managers.”

Discover Seven Shopping Cart Enhancements to Increase Your Sales Guaranteed

For online businesses with their main goal of selling products, shopping cart abandonment can mean the difference between profitability and loss. But since recent surveys suggest that less than 50% of retailers know their shopping cart abandonment rate, let’s review what it is and why it is important to know.

The Seven Secrets of a High-Sales Marketer

If you want to boost your website sales to the next level, you’ve got to think and act like a High-Sales Marketer. Here’s how:

ScriptLogic Wins Awards in Seven Categories of Windows IT Pro Readers’ Choice Awards

ScriptLogic Corporation Dominates Management Category; Wins in Seven Categories in the Third Annual Awards.

Seven Gifts Your Search Engine Marketing Company Will Love

As the owner of a busy search engine marketing company, I’ve been in the trenches long enough to be able to predict whether a search engine optimization campaign is going to be a breeze or a struggle. When it’s a struggle, it’s often because the client hasn’t provided us with certain crucial elements we need to do our job efficiently.

Seven Easy Steps to Boost Your Professional Image With Adobe
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Often-overlooked commands can boost sales and project a more professional image. Adobe Acrobat Distiller is one of today’s most effective tools. Using Acrobat, you can distribute attractive and easy-to-read formatted documents for free.

Seven Logos to Avoid

Your logo is the visual personality of your business and as a first impression; your logo essentially is your business! A professional logo is one of the fastest way to build credibility. If you sell quality products, your logo should reflect this. Likewise, a poor quality logo suggests inferior products. If you can successfully avoid these common logo blunders and you are well on your way to a great logo:

Seven Key Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

A recent poll conducted by Forbes magazine shows that majority of its readers would prefer to become a billionaire rather than a Noble peace prize winner, a great scientist or a famous athlete. There is no secret that most of the average people dream about getting rich albeit very few makes any real effort to become one.

How To Seal The Deal In Seven Seconds

Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? If you make a great first impression, you can do it even faster. Seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression. If yours is not good, you won’t get another chance with that potential client. But if you make a great first impression you can bet that the client is more likely to take you and your company seriously.

Metadata: Seven Tips for Writing Better Keywords

The shift in how search engines treat keywords is significant. They tend to ignore the keyword meta tag and rather look for keywords in the actual page content. This means that you need to figure out your keywords before you write any content. Then, you include them throughout your content, particularly in headings and summaries.