Senate: No Internet Tax For Seven Years

Senate: No Internet Tax For Seven Years

By WebProNews Staff October 26, 2007 | 1 Comment

The moratorium on taxing Internet access will continue for another seven years, as the Senate reached a compromise days before the existing ban expired.

PPC Traffic; International YouTube; Safer Results

SERoundtable looks at a WebmasterWorld thread to find out What Type of Traffic Can You Expect from Yahoo Ads Compared to Google Ads.

Seven Good PPC Habits Has One Surprise

John Ellis’ list of the Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertisers includes one that runs counter to the promises made by many SEMs.

Top 7 Lists Lead The Pack On Digg

Lists are good, but if they become too long, readers are liable to lose interest.  Too short, and no one will think your 25-word post is worth reading.  Top 10 lists have become the norm – but why?  Russ Jones of the Google Cache combed through over 2,500 Digg stories to see if lists with more (or fewer) points do better.

Improving Your Blog’s Stickiness
Blogs are a unique challenge for site stickiness. Even your most loyal readers may only spend one or two minutes skimming your home page and “bounce.” How sticky is your blog? Nate Whitehill offers seven tips to improve your blog’s stickiness. A couple of my favorites:

Must Reads in Search Marketing for This Week

Tomorrow is Good Friday and therefore a stat holiday so I am wrapping up this short work week with the most interesting stories I have read in the Industry:

Seven Years In Search’s Tibet

The search landscape and how engines supplied results and paid links to other search engines has changed, as a once-chaotic environment of multiple sites has shaken out to one towering peak among them all.

Seven Steps Save Site Shopping Seasons

The rapidly approaching Thanksgiving holiday in the United States will be swiftly followed by “Black Friday,” with shoppers heading out to begin dispersing parts of their credit card limits to retailers.

Web 2.0: IBM as a Host

IT Analyst James Governor from RedMonk has a posting about what IBM needs to do to get more involved in the web 2.0 world.

Seven Ways to Explicitly Trigger Network Effects

A few weeks ago, Dion Hinchcliffe wrote Creating Web 2.0 Applications: Seven Ways to Fully Embrace the Network which contains some crazy business-speak and some good ideas about making it possible for your applications to harness network effects.

Seven Ways To Better SEM

Business optimization software company Omniture now offers a free guide to improving a website’s search engine marketing in seven steps.

Visto Hammers Seven And Sues RIM

Wireless email provider Visto prevailed in a patent infringement suit against Yahoo and Sprint partner Seven Networks; Visto’s attorneys celebrated by filing a lawsuit against BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.

The Perils Of Corporate Blogging

With any topic, there are believers and nonbelievers, and the rest float, agnostically bounced from pundit to protestor. The role of the blog in corporate communication channels is no exception. An open door is a chink in the armor; a human voice is a liability.

Top Seven Strategies to Help You Market Your Local Business Online and Market Your Virtual Business

Roughly 75% of the business owners I speak with in any given town or city see little, if any, need for an online presence.

Google Turns Seven

As the Google Blog says, it was seven years ago that Google began operating out of Susan Wojcicki’s spare room.

Seven Versions for Vista!?

Bill, you have got to be kidding us all. The always-excellent Signal vs. Noise blog says that Microsoft has seven versions planned for its next Windows release, Vista (the OS formerly known as Longhorn)…

Seven Marketing Questions You should ask before you get a 10 Year Old to build Your Website

Google tells us there are 4 billion websites- almost one for everyone on the planet. And today you have decided to make it 4 billion and 1.