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Cisco and Apple Settle Up iPhone Dispute

The legal spat between Apple and Cisco over use of the term "iPhone" was nothing that, speculatively, a big bag o’money couldn’t solve. Though the terms of the settlement both companies announced yesterday are confidential, it isn’t unreasonable to think that Cisco got some benefit beyond mutual use of the term and an interoperability agreement.

The statement reads this way:

RIAA Continues Pressuring ISPs For Information

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been relentlessly fierce in its pursuit of individuals it deems as “criminals” by filing numerous lawsuits over the past several years.

It looks like the RIAA is trying to do all it can to encourage ISPs to be more forthcoming with identifying information in order to fuel their tactics which amount to little more than a legal means of extorting money from everyday citizens.

Judge Approves Google Settlement

Google’s part in an Arkansas lawsuit comes to an end after an Arkansas judge approved a $90 million settlement reached by the two sides.

Google Click Fraud Settlement Questioned

An attorney for plaintiffs in a California click fraud case against Google has submitted a lengthy list of complaints about Google’s Arkansas settlement to the search engine and asked that they meet about problems perceived with that settlement.

Google Settlement Brings Unhappiness

A $90 million settlement of claims brought in a class-action click fraud lawsuit against Google has been approved by the courts, but a number of people have filed complaints with the bench about the settlement’s terms.

Time Warner, Others To Pay $23M Settlement

Accusations of fraud and improper accounting practices at AOL led to lawsuits against Time Warner in 2004 because of their effect on pension and investment funds in Pennsylvania.

Google Click Fraud Settlement Update
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The $90 million agreement negotiated to end a lawsuit by Arkansas-based Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles has progressed to court approval of the preliminary settlement.

Google AdWords Settlement E-mail Going Out

Have you been getting an email with the subject heading, “Important Legal Notice Regarding Your Google AdWords Account”?

Advertiser Sues To Block Google Settlement
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One can imagine Joseph Kinney’s thoughts, when he learned that the only cash handed out from Google’s click fraud settlement was going to attorneys, and that in order to claim his compensation (paid in advertising credit), he would have to re-launch the Google ad campaign he had already abandoned.

More Details of Google’s Click Fraud Settlement

Verne Kopytoff of the San Francisco Chronicle is one of the first journalists to cover news that Google has settled the class action suit on click fraud for $90m.

Google Click Fraud Settlement: $90 Million
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A class-action lawsuit filed by Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles in Arkansas against Google could end soon if the presiding judge approves a proposed settlement.

Reuters Financial Glossary Wiki

Reuters is hosting a Financial Glossary Wiki, a fascinating case study for the way enterprises will host professional communities.

Google Challenged Again On Keyword Buys

The payday loans provider Check N’ Go has objected to Google’s practice of selling its trademark to competitors and filed suit against the search advertising company to stop the practice.

Kai-Fu Lee + Google vs. Microsoft, Resolved

Microsoft, Google, and Kai-Fu Lee have reached a settlement that all parties have agreed upon.

Ellison $100 Million Settlement Invalidated

The presiding judge in Larry Ellison’s insider trading case has a problem with Oracle paying lawyers $24 million in fees.

Microsoft Pitching Lee Settlement To Google

The entertaining saga of the world’s most famous job hopper, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, may be coming to a close.

Amazon 8-K Discloses $40M Settlement

A SEC Regulation FD filing by the online retailer discloses its settlement of an e-commerce patent infringement spat.

Mixed Messages From Microsoft’s Spam-King Settlement?

Microsoft with some help from the New York Attorney Gerneral’s office has won a $7 million settlement from Spam King Scott Richter.

Microsoft and IBM Reach a $775 Million Settlement

Microsoft announced that it has settled its antitrust dispute with IBM for $775 million, and a $75 million credit extension toward deployment of Microsoft software at IBM.

IBM Cashes $775M Microsoft Settlement Check

The two companies announced a settlement of antitrust claims going back to the government’s suit against Microsoft.

RIM Settlement With NTP Falls Through

After more than three years, the ongoing battle between the BlackBerry maker and a patent holder continues.