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DoubleClick DART Search Party

There were several after-conference events last night at SES NYC. Marchex held a bash and there was a small, invite only thing for MSN AdCenter as well.

SES NY: The Click-Happy Searcher

Research is showing that the bulk of Internet users make snap judgments about websites and what links to click. Surfing is instinctual, not calculated. In fact the only ones doing any calculations are marketing researchers who say that a website has an astonishing 50 milliseconds to make an impression, and if no impression is made, the mouse trigger finger gets itchy and starts clicking at will.

SES: Pimp My Site

Today, I sat in on the “Pimp My Site” session, which kicked off with a bunch of trumpeteers coming in with the speakers, playing “The Saints Go Marching” while spreading confetti over the audience.

SES NY: Meet The Blog And Feed Search Engines

Tuesday was a very busy day for me, with the expo floor, a pretty major interview (more on that as it develops) and lots of busy work for me.

The Changing Search Landscape

In the e-commerce game, there is a lot of talk of eyeballs. Like in other visual media, the more eyeballs focused in one place, the more valuable that place becomes. The darlings of e-commerce to date have been search engines, but industry experts are seeing trends that indicate the portal is coming back in a big way, and search is the gate before the front door.

The Beautiful People On Search
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Noted online pundits Matt Cutts from Google, Robert Scoble from Microsoft, and Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo took part in the Pundits On Search panel during day two of SES 2006 New York.

Edgeio Thoughts

I’m way behind on stuff I’d planned to write (and read) and am also now partially sleep deprived thanks to weird schedule gyrations, SES New York, and The Fire Alarm From Hell at the Sheraton (a story for later). So take this with a grain of salt or two.

SES NY: The Topix.net Approach To Web News

I met briefly with Chris Tolles from Topix.net this afternoon. We had talked a bit back in December at the Chicago SES. At that point, Topix was on the verge of a couple of fairly substantial changes so I figured I’d swing by their booth and see how things were working out.

SES NY: Duplicate Content Jeopardizes Your Site
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Those all-important search engine rankings you desire for your website could be in peril if you utilize duplicate content that runs afoul of search engine guidelines.

SES NY: Thinking about the Future

I was in the ‘Search Pundits’ session this morning here at Search Engine Strategies in New York. Basically, you had Robert Scoble, Matt Cutts, Jeremy Zawodny, Zia Daniell Wigder and David Vise sitting up front with Danny Sullivan moderating questions from the audience.

Ask.com Code Red Stormtroopers

Last night the Ask.com party named Code Red was full of interesting people and a few stormtroopers here and there.

SES NY: Ask Party Invokes Star Wars

Last night Ask.com hosted an afterparty at club LQ here in New York. Being the intrepid and dedicated souls we are, Jason Miller and I took one for the team and braved the hazards and horrors of open bars and loud music… and cool fighting robots and video games and well, you get the idea.

Ask.com, the Start of a New Era

Today we, finally, say goodbye to Ask’s butler and welcome a cleaner, more streamlined version of Ask.com.

Ask Wipes Jeeves Away With Ajax

Ask.com has cleaned up its homepage by removing the long-time iconic butler figure and adding search tools in an Ajax navigation box to the site.

SES NY: Today Is Ask.com Day

If Search Engine Strategies New York had been kicked off with a parade, that parade would most certainly have started with the mayor (in a bowler hat) giving Barry Diller the key to city and declaring today “Ask.com Day”.

Teoma Teominated

The Teoma technology at the heart of the Ask.com search engine will be back with the new name of ExpertRank, and Teoma.com redirects to Ask.com now.

Casting A Net For Podcasts

There are effective ways to search for podcasts, and more importantly, to prepare the podcasts you create for indexing, as a session at SES 2006 New York discussed.

SES NY: Contextual Advertising

I also sat in the Contextual Advertising session. While I was too busy getting caught up on things to blog the session, I will say this: It is quite clear that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with contextual tools, especially with AdSense.

Barry Diller Live on WebmasterRadio.FM

Barry Diller is giving the keynote this morning at SES and it will be available live from my favorite internet radio station, WebmasterRadio.FM.

SES NY: Lunch With The Google Engineers

Next up on the agenda: Lunch With The Google Engineers, which isn’t as intimate and cozy as the name sounds (not with hundreds of people in the room).