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Spring Break Vacations Spent Swinging Hammers

While many undergrads indulge in drunken, half-naked debauchery this spring break, others are finding their only “vice” in the word “service”. Groups of college students across the country are doing the latter from their ladders this year via Habitat for Humanity, as they spend their vacations volunteering. But Hannah Cane of St. Joseph’s College doesn’t consider it “work”. The Campus …

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Rewards Programs: Grads Do Good While Making Good On Debt

Typically, a rewards program is about “getting back what you give”. You might hear “loyalty program” and immediately think of forking over your credit card anyplace from the airport kiosk to a retail queue. Indeed, there’s much to be said for stretching our hard earned money as far as we humanly can when we dole it out – whether it’s …

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NetZero to Offer Free Wireless Broadband Service

United Online Inc. will offer wireless broadband service under its brand NetZero. They’re the ones who first offered free dial-up in the late nineties, only this plan won’t come with a lot of advertisements to balance the price tag. But there are plenty of catches. Customers will be required to purchase a $50 antenna or a $100 mobile hotspot to …

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HP Looking To Cloud For The Future

If you’re a new CEO and are looking to put your own stamp on a company upon starting, look to HP’s Leo Apotheker for inspiration. On Monday, Apotheker outlined his vision for the company and many came away impressed with his words. Citing cloud services, connectivity, and webOS, Apotheker has laid the foundation for the future of the company. Now, …

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OnLive – A Cloud Gaming Service Launches

The evolution of gaming has taken interesting turns in its relatively short history. We’ve gone from arcade machines, to home consoles, with the latest breakthrough being downloadable gaming content. OnLive, is a gaming service which looks to be pushing the boundaries yet again; with cloud gaming.

Will OnLive be a successful venture? tell us

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