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Canadian Schools Flee From US Servers

Universities in Canada fear the potential for abuse that could take place under the US Patriot Act, so to avoid the gaze of American investigators they have moved their RefWorks accounts to Ontario.

SlideShare: the YouTube of Powerpoint

SlideShare launches today — the YouTube of Powerpoint. While Powerpoint destroys thought, so does TV. And misgivings aside, slides can be an art form in and of itself.

Digg Labs Goes Live

Digg.com has introduced its own lab, named (accurately, if not creatively) Digg Labs. This new addition will allow visitors to test features and consider concepts before they are introduced to the main Digg site. User feedback could also prevent things from making the transition from Digg Labs to Digg.

Windows Passes Unix In Server Market

Spending for Windows servers passed that for Unix servers in the fourth quarter of 2005, as Windows passed the venerable operating system in the global market for the first time.

Web site IP Filtering

We’ve talked here before about filtering IP traffic by source for mail servers.

Dude, A New Dell Database

Dell announced the release of a comprehensive database featuring its quad-socket PowerEdge servers with new Intel Xeon dual-core technology and the new Microsoft SQL Server database. The package is intended to simplify migration to Microsoft SQL Server database and business-critical data center operations.

Sun To Introduce Galaxy Servers

Today, Sun Microsystems is expected to introduce its new line of 64-bit network servers, which are code-named Galaxy, and use dual-core Opteron processors from AMD.

Dell Packs Napster Into College Servers

The computer company will help deliver Napster’s legal music download service to university campuses.

Google Sitemap vs. Ping Servers

Sometimes I’m a little surprised by how long some ideas take to bubble up. Other times I’m surprised by the form they take.

Windows, Unix Servers Even In Revenue

Global sales of servers continues to increase, but for the first time Windows boxes have matched Unix machines.

Alan At Sun Notices That Blogs Have Changed His Opinion of Microsoft

Alan Coopersmith, who works at Sun Microsystems, blogs about how Microsoft’s blogs are changing his opinion of his competitor …

Worm Variant Targets Microsoft Servers Running MySQL

Security companies have identified a variant of the Forbot worm that targets Windows servers with MySQL, an open database software package, installed.

Affordable HTTP Compression Solutions for Windows Web servers

Port80 Software announces new, affordable HTTP compression solutions for Windows Web servers, providing Web acceleration, bandwidth savings, and server consolidation to Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)-based Web sites and applications.

Dell PowerEdge servers Achieve First Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Benchmark
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Dell PowerEdge servers have achieved the first Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 benchmark for a clustered configuration, underscoring Dell’s ongoing commitment to offer the best combination of performance, value and availability for the standardized data center.

Clear Skies Ahead for The Weather Channel with Intel Itanium 2 Processor-based HP Integrity Servers

The Weather Channel, the only national all-weather cable network providing 24-hour-a-day weather coverage to more than 87 million homes in the U.S., is building on a current strategy of running its IT infrastructure on open source technology and has migrated to Intel Itanium 2 processor-based HP Integrity servers from proprietary RISC-based platforms.

Introduction to Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a single computer on a web-hosting network that is leased or rented, and dedicated to just one customer. A service provider monitors the computer’s hardware, network connectivity, and routing equipment, while the customer generally controls and maintains the server software. Dedicated servers are most often used by those who’ve outgrown typical hosting accounts and now require massive amounts of data space and bandwidth, those with mission critical web sites, web hosting companies, or those who have special needs. Dedicated servers are housed in data centers, where service providers can monitor them close-up and have hands-on access to them.

Keep Your SQL Servers Synchronized with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
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Managing multiple versions of the same database across different environments (i.e. Development, Test, Production, and Disaster Recovery site) is perhaps one of the most important and least favorable Database Administrative duties. Whether it’s synchronizing database objects or actual data, creating utilities to perform this obligatory task is somewhat of a dreaded chore. I mean, think of it, when was the last time you looked forward to creating one of these utility jobs? My point exactly!

How Java Web Servers Work

A web server is also called a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server because it uses HTTP to communicate with its clients, which are usually web browsers.

Why Production servers shouldn’t have external interfaces

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People sometimes want to use their application servers as firewalls. This seems attractive at first glance: slap in another network card, add some packet filtering, tighten the system down a bit and connect it to the outside world. Cheap and quick, but a very bad idea.

The Real Cause of SPAM – Open SMTP Relays

Email is transported across the Internet via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). SMTP relays email from server to server in route to your mailbox. When email arrives at your ISP’s server, it is stored there until you download it via Post Office Protocol (POP3).