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Building Server Side AJAX Suggestions with script.aculo.us
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I’m a big fan of the script.aculo.us javascript library.

WAS CE vs. Apache Geronimo

Based on the number of hits this blog is getting with the search term “Geronimo vs. WAS CE”, it appears that there is some confusion about the similarities and differences between Apache Geronimo and IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE).

SQL Server 2000 Data Types

SQL Server requires that each variable and column in a table should be defined with respect to the type of data it will store.

ArcGIS Server 9.2 Now Shipping!

No doubt you may have heard already, none the less, ArcGIS 9.2 is now shipping. Highlights of the ArcGIS 9.2 release include the following:

OSS Trickle Down

If I understand Dana’s point correctly here, he’s saying that as open source vendors start getting a larger part of the corporate IT budget, less money is spent on commercial vendors, thereby reducing how much those commercial vendors have to spend on R&D for future innovations.

ColdFusion and Server Monitoring

Unlocking the CF Server Black Box

Early Internet Explorer 7 Download!

As you may have already noticed today, neowin have been pointing to what is supposedly the final version of Internet Explorer 7 packaged into a Yahoo Mail Download.

Make a Linux Home Data Server of an Old PC

So, you’ve got an old computer, and you don’t know what to do with it. Sure, it can’t play new video games, maybe can’t run the latest and greatest software, don’t fret, it’s not totally worthless.

Configuring An Access Server

As your CCNA / CCNP home lab expands, an access server such as the Cisco 2509 or 2511 is one of the best investments you can make.

A List of Amazon S3 Backup Tools
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In an effort to replace my home backup server with Amazon’s S3, I’ve been collecting a list of Amazon S3 compatible backup tools to look at.

Replacing my home backup server with Amazon’s S3
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Not too long ago, Amazon released their Simple Storage Service (or “S3″ for short). It provides a hosted storage platform which developers can build all sorts of applications on top of. Smugmug, a popular photo sharing web site, is using it to store and host pictures.

Building Database Enabled Websites

Moving from Simple Desktop applications with Microsoft Access , Paradox as the backend databases to the more robust SYBASE (db-library) , ORACLE , Microsoft SQL SERVER used in Client Server architecture with ODBC , OLEDB , TUXEDO frameworks we have moved to the Web based systems widely using Mysql , Microsoft SQL SERVER,ORACLE, POSTGRESQL databases as some of the backend supporters.

CLR vs T-SQL and Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2005

CLR or TSQL? That is the question.

Selecting a Small Business Email Marketing Server
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There are many different methods for promoting your business online, but one of the most effective is still the email campaign.

Microsoft Ships Internet Explorer 7 RC1

Microsoft made available the first release candidate version of Internet Explorer 7, which is expected to have its final release around the same time Windows Vista does.

ASP.NET: Testing a file-system web site with IIS
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This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach’s ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.

ASP.NET: How to Create an FTP Web Site
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This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach’s ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.

Attensa Heats Up Its RSS Appliance

RSS technology continues to move forward in the enterprise world, and if Attensa has its way their Feed Server technology will provide the guiding hand toward greater RSS utility and usage.

New Phone Server Features Personalization

These are busy times at VoiceObjects. The company put out four press releases in one day, covering everything from management personnel to corporate partnerships.

Microsoft Extends Hand To Linux

Microsoft is the 900-lb. gorilla in the world of software, and the company likes it that way. Rarely do you see it work with the open-source community, and among that group, Linux might be considered its biggest enemy. Now, in a sure sign that the apocalypse is right around the corner, Microsoft has announced plans to accommodate Linux technology.

Microsoft’s Move Into Communications

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a unified platform for e-mail, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and telephone calls. This move could serve to strengthen the company’s monopolistic characteristics. What’s more, the Redmond-based corporation intends to use Office 2007 as the communications platform.