ColdFusion Whitepaper Details Future Iterations In Software Roadmap

ColdFusion Whitepaper Details Future Iterations In Software Roadmap

By Zach Walton May 8, 2013

Adobe is making headlines this week with its controversial decision to discontinue development of Creative Suite in favor of Creative Cloud, but that’s not all we’re seeing from its annual MAX Conference. ColdFusion, Adobe’s Web development software, is the subject …

Microsoft Issues Free Enterprise Search Challenge

Search Server 2008 Express arrived as a free download from Microsoft, which launched the release candidate during a California conference.

Gmail as a Spam Filter on Cpanel

You probably have heard that you can use Gmail to filter spam for all your email addresses. You might have gone so far as to look up how to do it and end up a little frustrated because your not a server whiz and rely on cpanel to set up filters. The reason your having problems is because Cpanel is a bit different than a vanilla Linux install.

Quick Overview

Microsoft, Cactus Commerce Partner

Ecommerce software company Cactus Commerce and Microsoft have formed a long-term strategic partnership to support Microsoft’s Commerce Server platform.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

Yahoo Going Carbon Neutral

At our quarterly all-hands meeting a little while ago, Yahoo co-founders David and Jerry announced that Yahoo is going carbon neutral this year.

Google on Server Maintenance

Bill Koslosky on his blog reports on a Google talk on the subject of server maintenance*, given by Google’s Luiz Barroso (pictured):

Scoble at Microsoft TechFest

It’s weird being back at Microsoft just a few yards from the building I last worked at. I’m sitting in the front row with Jeff Clavier, Scott Beale, and a bunch of others (there are several hundred journalists here for Microsoft Research’s 15-year-blowout TechFest).

Open Up & Say Growth

Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

Convert a MySQL Injection Script for Use in Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL Server is the most widely used database management system in the world, primarily because it is open source and free.

Setting up Apache Server Mappings for HomeSite
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This information was gleaned from a number of websites and my own trials in getting this to work, but I thought it would be useful to have it in one place for other HomeSite users who may not be overly familiar with server configuration.

What Should A Home Server Cost?

The big unanswered question with Windows Home Server is how much it’ll cost you to get one.

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Search term: “mysql WASCE”

SQL Server Triggers
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Triggers are stored procedures which are fired when data is modified in an underlying table.

Hardware Load Balancing Lightens Server Load

Load balancing is the even distribution of computer processing and communication activities so that a server is not overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it is difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server.

Microsoft Ready To Dominate VoIP

Usage of Voice over Internet Protocol technology should start to rise at the business level, as Microsoft opened a private beta of its Office Communications Server 2007 for testing.

YouTube Now Using Flash Media Server

I bet that got your attention :-)