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Google Looking to Recognize Text in Images

Information Week has reported that in June of 07 Google filed a patent application, which has just become available, outlining a “method of optical character recognition in digital images.” The application seems to cover both static images as well as video. The ability to do this could radically change a number of existing Google services as well as again change the way the Internet marketing world interacts with images and video.

Search Insider Summit – Dominate the Universal SERPs

Do we need to change our entire campaigns to capitalize on universal search? Find out what you can do to better dominate the universal SERPs and grab searchers’ attention.

Google To Limit Subdomains In SERPs
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Subdomains may no longer result in several individual listings on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Word from Matt Cutts at PubCon Las Vegas says that soon subdomains will be treated like folders, limiting results to 2 URLs per domain.

Controlling Your (Expanding) Google Sitelinks

Google’s announcing some big changes with their Sitelinks feature.

Links Range from Good to Bad to Ugly
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As a site owner, it’s important to devote what link building time you have to creating connections that count – really count – as far as search engine spiders are concerned.

In fact, there’s a range of site link types – links diversity. Some are more valuable than others. Spend your time and resources building the highest quality links and you’ll quickly see the value of these efforts.

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Google Search Results: Your SERPs At Risk

Third parties could hack someone’s place in Google’s SERPs right out of the index with some malicious proxy work.

Beaches Tops In Web Cam Searches

Ah, the Web cam. So simple, so abused. But they can be used for good, and though you might assume the Internet (as in, the collective online population) uses them mostly for nefarious and seedy peeping-Tom purposes, that’s not really true, not mostly.

Are Big Brands Stealing (Buying) the SERPS?
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For a long time, search engine marketers wondered why the big brands were so slow to adopt, why they seemed to be ignoring Google. They may be wishing for the old days, when smaller players with smaller budgets had a better shot at the SERPs.

More Testing for Google SERPs
Normally when related queries are suggested after doing a search on Google, they appear at the bottom of the search results page (SERP). I noticed this weekend Google is testing the display of other Google categories as well as related search queries above the right side column ads. (Outlined in red)

No More Search Results In Google SERPs?
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Google employees are hinting (strongly) that the search engine is being more discriminatory about website search results appearing in Google’s search results. That cross-mojonation, if you will, isn’t what searchers want.

And while that seems simple on the surface – a search result leading to another search result in a vicious cycle is pretty frustrating for most users – it leaves a lot to think about from the webmaster side.

Microsoft to Improve SERPs

A WebmasterWorld thread informs about Microsoft’s claims to take over the Internet search. An article on NYTimes reports about Microsoft’s future plans.

Is Yahoo Becoming a Clone of Google?

Brett Tabke recently opened up a forum thread on WebmasterWorld titled: Yahoo SERPS vs Google SERPS – If you can’t beat em – join em?. Brett also provides a screen shot comparing the results screens of the two engines.

SEM is on The Verge of a Paradigm Shift

There’s been a lot of soul-searching that’s been going on in the world of SEM lately and it’s good for everybody. Some of this introspection has doubtless been stimulated by the comments of my boss, Dave Pasternack, when he noted that "SEO is Not Rocket Science," but as pointed out by others, including Danny Sullivan and Gord Hotchkiss, both the SEO and Paid Search components of what we call SEM are on the cusp of a paradigm change.

Google AJAX SERPS Experiment?

A Digger has a completely unverified report that he saw a Google interface test in which the search results faded into each other as the text in the search box changed, kind of like a hybrid of Google Suggest and Windows Live’s cool AJAX search results.

62% of Users Click on First Page Results

A new whitepaper by the search marketing firm, iProspect shows that 62% of search users click on links found on the first page of search results.

First Page of Search Engine is Still the Best Place

Now that I’m not working for an arch-rival, I feel more inclined to link to iProspect’s studies.

Google SERPs Anger UK Footballer

Arsenal and England international left back Ashley Cole is displeased in a legal sense over Google’s alternative suggestion in search results for his name.

Are Google SERPs Entirely Organic?

Google has made another alteration the Google Help Center , this time removing the assurance that Google’s results are completely automated.

NBC Promoting Olympics In Google SERPs

A query on Google for “NBC Olympics” returns a video link to a two-minute advertisement for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Torino, and an unobvious change to Google’s Sponsored Links boxes on top of search results.

Got Any Multimedia SERPs? GoFish

A new search engine from GoFish Technologies will retrieve web and multimedia content with one search.

Meta Descriptions Appear In Google SERPs

Descriptive content from META tags and Open Directory project descriptions may be replacing actual site text.

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