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Google Showing Altered SERPs
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Google appears to have rolled out (to what extent we’re not sure) a design change to its search results pages. The change seems to be very minor and insignificant, but Google altering SERPs is just something that can’t be ignored by the search industry.

The (hardly) noticeable changes are a little bit of padding on the left-hand side, and a slightly smaller version of the Google logo. It’s just enough to make you wonder if it’s changed or if you’re just crazy.

Dos and Don’ts to Improve Google Ranking: Ranking Factors, Good and Bad
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Among SEO professionals, there isn’t always consensus on precisely which and to what degree site factors contribute or detract from rankings on Google because the factors actually vary by industry. There are indeed, a number of contentious issues: markup and content quality, use of title tags, site organization and even arguments that Google Analytics data factors in to site rankings. Not likely (yet), but certainly up for debate among SEO professionals.

Longer Search Queries Hurting PPC Clicks?
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Advertisers using paid search may find that they have to adapt to the habits of searchers. And there have been indications that searchers are using longer queries to find what they are looking for these days.

comScore shares some rather interesting data showing that the number of paid clicks has grown 3 times slower than the total number of queries in the US since January 2007. Look at these graphs:

Give Away More Info On Google’s SERPs

Update: Google also posted on the Enterprise Blog about how you can utilize richer snippets for Site Search.

Original Article: Today at Google’s Searchology event, the company announced (among other things) that it was rolling out richer snippets. The snippets will extract and show more useful info from results than the current ones, Google says.

Want to Get Your Google Profile Verified?
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Now that Google is putting Google Profiles in search results, you might want to consider getting verified. You have to go through a process to do this however.

"Should you get a verified name? Right now, it doesn’t influence whether your profile will rank better in profile results," says Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land. "But if you’re trying to convince people to trust that the page is really controlled by you, it probably makes sense."

New Google SERP Features
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Google recently announced 2 new improvements to Google Search. The first is an expanded list of related searches, and the second is the addition of longer search result descriptions.

The company says it’s deploying a new technology that better understands associations and concepts related to searches. Google explains:

Ask Provides Sitelinks in SERPs Too

Ask is expanding its Ask Domain Nav product, which has been rolling out in phases since the end of last year, when it began beta testing the domain navigation product.

It’s very similar to what Google has been doing, and has incidentally also expanded upon recently. Last week, Google announced it was adding sitelinks for more search results. Here are screenshots of both Ask’s and Google’s versions:

Google Profiles Go to the SERPs
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Google as a social network has been getting a bit more play recently as they have made certain moves like giving users the ability to create vanity URLs for their profiles.

One wild card that Google has that trumps all other social networks is that it is the largest brand on the web. Furthermore, it is the largest search engine.

Google Adds Sitelinks for More Search Results
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Using Google for searching the web, you’ve probably seen some results pages from time to time that have the top result displaying a number of secondary links underneath it. These links go to different pages within the site.

Simply referred to as "sitelinks," such pages might take you to an about page or a help page, or really anything deemed beneficial to the user by Google’s algorithm. The example below for a NASA search displays links for Gallery, Missions, Aeronautics, etc.

Yahoo Monkeys Around with Facebook
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Facebook features have been added to Yahoo’s list of SearchMonkey apps that the search engine has turned on by default. The others that are available include (via Matt McGee):

Is Google Showing Political Bias with Search Results?
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There are people who think Google is incorporating political bias into search results. As examples they use misspellings of George Bush and Barack Obama. Are the results of misspelled queries really something Google would take the time to specifically alter to inject their political beliefs though?

Search for Barack Aboma in Google and you will get a "Did you mean: barack obama" suggestion, and the top 2 results for Barack Obama:

Would You Like SearchWiki More if You Could Hear it?
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The latest Google experimental lab is the addition of sound to its controversial SearchWiki, the recently launched personalized search results pages that allow users to vote results up or down, delete them, and comment on them. Google’s experimental page says:

Do you like SearchWiki? Do you enjoy having the power to remove results from your search results pages? Now you can do so in style by having a sound effect play along with the animation whenever you remove a result.

Recorded by our co-founder Sergey Brin himself, this sound effect is sure to please!

What Will Google SERP Changes Mean for Reputation Management?
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Some say ranking is dead. Google’s going though changes that may turn SEO on its ear. Google’s Matt Cutts talked about some of these changes with WebProNews not too long ago. "I’m not sure I would say ranking is dead but it’s not as important as it used to be," he said.

Google Improves Android and iPhone SERPs
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Google is now providing optimized search results for Android and the iPhone. Results pages on these devices are now designed to compliment the devices they are being viewed upon. You can view a few examples in screenshots here, or you can see the results in action on an iPhone in the following video:

Could A Little More Info in the SERPs Improve Relevancy?
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Google is  testing the concept of showing a date alongside certain results on its SERPs. The tests were spotted by Michael Gray (like two months ago) and by a WebmasterWorld member. Search Engine Roundtable quotes the latter:

Soon You’ll Be Able to Subscribe to Google SERPs
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Accoding to Matt McGee at Search Engine Land, Google will soon start offering RSS feeds for search results as an extension of Google Alerts. McGee writes:

Google Is Going “Green” With Premium Listings

As reported by the iCrossing Blog, Google is turning eco-friendly and is opting for green in the Google user interface. With the aim of making the landing page clear and user-friendly, it has changed the yellow background color of the ads within the Google Directory to green.

Yahoo’s Handling of Authority
Does it make sense for MySpace profile pages to rank on the first page for one of the 10 most competitive terms on the web?

Delicious Results from Yahoo

I’m a recent convert to the benefits of social bookmarking site del.icio.us.

Sure, as an internet marketer I’ve always had a del.icio.us account, but that was only to be used when trying to promote web content. :-) Mid-way through 2007, I actually started using del.icio.us the way it’s supposed to be used, and I love it!

Trust and Authority in Google’s Algorithm

If you’ve ever been to search engine conference and attended a site review session chances are you’ve heard panelists mention duplicate content penalties and filters.

For “normal” people these problems are real, however with Google a double standard exists for trusted authority websites.


Case and point the SERP for [Green Real Estate] screen shot below:

Google SERP Changes Result in Traffic Spikes
A huge number of webmasters are reporting a significant increase in traffic. Some even report the hike to be as big as double. All the masters who have been positively affected by the change are delighted.

This hike seems to follow a decrease in traffic by half around 20th December 2007.

In order to get the correct count some Webmasters have used the site: operator.

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