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Check Out This Potential Google Search Interface

As Google will often do, it is currently testing a new interface for its main search product. The experiment includes a top navigation style, eliminating the left panel completely. Every search option resides above the search results. Techno-Net discovered the interface and posted the following video demonstrating it (via Alex Chitu): As Chitu notes, the interface shares some similarities with …

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Google Talks Showing Multiple Results From The Same Site

Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, put out a new Webmaster Help Video, responding to the user submitted question: Under which circumstances will Google decide to display multiple results from the same website? “The answer has changed over the years,” he says. “But the high level answer is, when we think it’s useful and it doesn’t hurt diversity too much.” …

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Bing Out-Googles Google With Clean Results Pages. Like It?

When Google rose to popularity, ever so long ago, it was considered to be revolutionizing search. Think about what search was like back then. AltaVista, Yahoo, and a bunch of others were competing for your queries, but Google brought a different approach. PageRank was a huge part of that, and is often credited as the big differentiator, but another key …

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Google Search Results Pages May Soon Be Even More Cluttered

Google has been testing/experimenting with some richer search results pages for things like movies, actors, bands, books, people, etc. We wrote about it last month when a reddit user posted a screen cap, but from the sound of it, these results may become commonplace for all Google users in the near term. Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land reports that …

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