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HIMYM Alternate Ending To Be Released on DVD

[SPOILERS AHEAD] It’s no secret that a good series finale can be hard to pull off. Just look at the backlash popular shows such as LOST and Dexter received for their series finales, after all. Series co-creator and executive producer …

Breaking Bad Finishes Strong, Sets Ratings Record
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Breaking Bad fans really tuned in for the series finale of the popular drama, giving it a record number of viewers. Breaking Bad has been one of the most popular shows in the last five years and has some very …

Dexter Finale Disappoints with Sappy Series End
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Dexter ended an eight-season run on Sunday with what many consider a disappointing finale. The Showtime series, which began in 2006, centered around a Miami-based blood spatter pattern analyst who moonlighted as a vigilante serial killer. In 2009, Michael C. …