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USS Somerset Commissioned In Honor Of Flight 93

On March 1, the USS Somerset was commissioned to become a Navy warship to honor Flight 93, which was hijacked and headed for Washington D.C., but crashed in Pennsylvania killing 40 passengers and crew. The plane was one of the four that was hijacked in September 11, 2001. The Navy ship was sponsored to be built on December 2007 by …

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Chile Coup; A Time Of Past Suffering But Future Hope

September 11th is a day haunted by historical suffering and injustice. On September 11, 1973, military leaders instigated a controlled attack on the Chilean presidential compound belonging to socialist Salvador Allende, thus ending his leadership. Recent investigations purported that Salvador Allende took his own life as General Augusto Pinochet’s soldiers surrounded the presidential compound. Judge Mario Carroza is the man …

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September 11: Watch Jon Stewart Address The Nation

After September 11, several television shows went on a brief hiatus as the nation tried to recover from and cope with the worst disaster most people of a certain age had ever seen. “The Daily Show” was one of those, and left the air for nine days during constant coverage of ground zero by news channels and fundraisers for the …

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2 Million Bikers to D.C. for 9/11 Anniversary

Thousands of motorcyclists plan to ride to Washington D.C. for the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, despite the city’s refusal to grant the bikers permits allowing them to coast through the city without stopping at red lights. Co-creator of the event Belinda Bee claims the group is being “discriminated against because we’re Americans” after being denied the permit. …

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“Pieces Of 9-11”: Song Looks Outside N.Y. For Inspiration

As we approach the 12th anniversary of one of the most deadly and tragic days in our history, a musician is gearing up for the release of his double-CD set, which pays tribute to those who lost their lives when the twin towers fell as well as those they left behind. Pianist and composer Jake Heggie says he took words …

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September 11 Tribute Album To Be Released Near 12th Anniversary

A tribute to the September 11, 2001 tragedy in the United States will come in the form of a two-disc C.D. set that will be released next month. Composer/pianist Jake Heggie, who lives in San Francisco, created an album dedicated to the stories of survivors who lost loved ones in the attacks, entitled, here/after (songs of lost voices) and will …

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