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SEOMoz Dishes On ‘Give It Up’ Secrets
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Rand Fishkin blogged about the little bits of secrets discussed at a session of the recent SMX Advanced conference; the session centers on some of the tips and tricks that aren’t widely known in search marketing.

The Battle For “SEO Trademark” Wages On

Just when you thought it was over: May 19 was the deadline for the man who would be SEO trademark holder to respond to notices of opposition to his trademark application (which were filed by SEOmoz, Arteworks, Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, SEO.com, Jonathan Hochman, and Rhea Drysdale). Sarah Bird, Esq., of SEOmoz filed for default judgment in the case on Tuesday.

Man on his Way to Trademark “SEO”
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Sarah Bird, Esquire, of SEOmoz, Inc., happened upon the applicant’s request as she was working on some trademarks for SEOmoz. Not only is the applicant actually trying to obtain a trademark for the mark “SEO,” but he is also already on the way to the publication process.



Utilizing Social Networks to Make Your Posts Viral

This article talks about how social networks can make a post go viral – or spread like crazy.

It focuses specifically on the biggest social networks – MySpace and Facebook. Facebook tends to be a bit more technical – allowing you to utilize apps to spread the word. They also attract different types of people.

PubCon – Multivariate Testing, Conversion Tweaking
Getting traffic to your site is an important step. The finishing part of the picture is getting your site to convert those visitors into customers. This panel will look at ways that you can increase your site performance.

7 Questions About Professional Blogging

At PubCon in Las Vegas, the Search and Blogging Reporters Forum fielded questions about an array of topics, from blogging to SEO, to videos and RSS feeds.

PubCon – The Social Marketing Playing Field
This panel is an introduction about getting up to speed with the major social marketing sites. This panel of SMO promotion experts will take you from newbie to advanced in short order. Do your homework before you hit this session though. Study the basics of Reddit, Netscape, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  • Joe Laratro


SMX: Micro Communities
Pick an interest area, and there’s probably a social media site that’s serving a community around it. These sites might be "micro" in size compared to some of the large, well-known services, but they have passionate members who might also be a more targeted audience that you wish to reach. This session tours some of the many smaller communities out there.

SMX Social Media: Hi, Linkbait Chum

At the SMX Social Media conference in New York City, panelists discussed the murky topic of social media sites, and how to draw traffic from them to your site.

SEOmoz Takes Cash, Plans Changes
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Rand Fishkin disclosed he is giving up a small percentage of SEOmoz in exchange for a venture capital investment of $1.25 million from a pair of investors.

SES – SEM Pricing Models

Industry Track, Wednesday 3:15 – 4:30 PM

Can You Answer Rand’s SEO Questions?

Rand Fishkin thinks a competent SEO firm ought to be able to handle ten questions about the search industry, and an eleventh if they are really knowledgeable about their work.

Consumers Taking 34 Hours to Convert

MarketingSherpa reports that on average consumers are taking 34 hours from click to conversion. That’s up from 19 hours—180% as long as their original study in 2005 indicated. The full report on time to conversion is expected tomorrow from ScanAlert.

As MarketingSherpa President Anne Holland noted, this finding indicates how important it is for marketers to mearsure longer conversion cycles than just click-buy.

Shocker: Writing Quality Important To Blog Readers

People have debated whether content is really king for some time, and for content producers, it seems a no-brainer: create quality content and the audience will come. That’s the way it’s always been, that’s how it will remain. A survey about blog readership conducted by Vizu confirms that mantra, and reinforces the importance of good writing.

SEOmoz Becomes A Link Millionaire

Rand Fishkin celebrated a big number showing up in Yahoo Site Explorer, one that plenty of search optimization-minded folks would love to see.

SEOmoz Simplifies SEO

Now that the SMX Advanced conference has faded into memory, Rand Fishkin has posted something for those who may not be advanced enough for SMX topics.

Rank Checker Tool from SEOmoz

SEOmoz has many tools and information that is extremely useful for SEOs. They have added another valuable tool for your rank building efforts, it is called Rank Checker.


Ready to get more out of social media? The leaders in social media marketing dish on how to get in on the action–everything from why to where to how.

Chossing Between SMX & SES

A post from Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz says that Incisive Media (guys who run Search Engine Strategies) wants to introduce a speaker exclusivity agreement.

Shoemoney & SEOmoz Debate Link Disclosure

This week everyone seems to be talking about the debate between Shoemoney and SEOmoz following Rand Fishkin’s post last week about disclosing paid blog recommendations. This continued when Shoemoney and Rand Fiskin discussed their opinions today on Net Income.

SES Says No Speaker Exclusivity Planned

Whispers about potentially requiring speakers at Search Engine Strategies conferences to not speak at competitor shows have been dismissed as untrue.

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