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Search Marketing Association Forming in North America

Almost every professional industry has an association that sets best-practice standards and represents the best interests of their profession.

Is SEMPO Dead? SMA-NA Says You’re Fired!

There’s a new kid on the North American search engine marketing block and it’s has a target painted on the back of SEMPO. Several folks are talking about the story.

SEMPO Threatened by SMA-MA

Just when you thought SEMPO had inhaled its last breath and quietly slipped away, we hear that they’re not only still around, by very much scared of the newly created SMA-NA.

The State of Search Engine Marketing – SEMPO Study 2004

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization ( SEMPO ) recently completed its first comprehensive survey of the search engine marketing industry.

SEMPO Research Survey

SEMPO is pleased to announce the launch of a research project being undertaken to identify the size of the SEM/SEO services market space, identify the in-house resources being deployed towards search engine marketing, and identify the amount of PPC/PI spend managed by both service companies and advertisers.

SEMPO Survey on SEM Activities and Spending

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) is launching a first-ever comprehensive survey to estimate the size of the North American advertiser spending on search engine marketing and critical trends in the burgeoning SEM sector.

SEMPO Loses 2 and Gains 3

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) appointmed of three new members to its Advisory Board that will provide different perspectives of the online industry and non-profits to help with the organization’s strategies and goals.

The Future of Search: Beyond the Horizon

I was asked by SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) to speculate on the future of search marketing. Then came the hard part: Limit it to one column.

Danny Sullivan Speaks on SEMPO Controversy

Last year’s SES San Jose marked the launch of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, commonly known as SEMPO. Now, with the one-year anniversary rapidly approaching and the 2004 San Jose conference just days away, critics are stirring up controversy. In a recent article, Michael Grehan dared to criticize the organization. “Who needs SEMPO?” the Smart Interactive CEO asks.

What The Experts Learned At The Search Conferences

To round out our conference coverage I asked several of my conference friends about what they learned. I talked with SEO experts, expo presenters, and Jackie Jahosky, who’s gained fame for her in-session response to Site Match: “I just don’t like it.”