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Eeek! Beware of the Blogs!

Eeek! Beware of the scary bloggers! That’s what Dellahaye is saying with the title of their …

Will Seminars Get You Clients?

I often suggest public speaking as a powerful way to show prospective clients what you can do. Many professionals and consultants have built successful practices by giving free presentations to associations, businesses, and educational institutions. But what about producing your own seminar, where you arrange the logistics and invite the guests? Does this work as a strategy for landing clients?

Savvy Internet Marketers’ BIG Seminar Secrets

You know that your business will probably grow slower than molasses in the Winter unless you joint venture and partner with other online marketers. If you’re just launching your own product or service, you really need access to their lists. You need access to their contacts.

How to Attend a Seminar

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a big proponent of education as a way of sharpening your business skills and keeping up on the latest trends and practices in your industry. There are many ways of getting that information, each of which has distinct advantages and disadvantages. One of the best, however, is to attend a seminar or conference.

10 Things to Think About When You Run Your Own Seminar or Workshop

Experts on all kinds of subjects, at some point in their careers, often try to run seminars or workshops. There are lots of reasons why they do it, but the main one is money. These can be very lucrative money- spinners if done correctly.