Word Of Mouth Marketing Seminar

Word Of Mouth Marketing Seminar

By Dave Taylor July 3, 2008

One of the highlights of The Aloha Summit a few months ago in Hawaii was having Andy Sernovitz beam in electronically and join us for an hour of discussion and insight. Andy should be a familiar name, he’s the author of Word of Mouth Marketing.

High Rankings SEM Seminar Pictures
Day one of the Minneapolis High Rankings seminar went well and I think the presentations were well received. One thing I think I did not emphasize is that the speakers are not only subject matter experts, but they’re skilled at instruction as well

Small is the New Big in SEO Training

Have you noticed the number of regionalized or small scale search marketing conferences that are popping up?Jill Whalen has been running her High Rankings Search Engine Marketing seminar for a few years now (disclosure: I am a speaker for the Mpls event and my PR agency works with Jill) that is very hands on focused. The speakers all share a very similar philosophy about search marketing so there are not the mixed messages you get at larger events.

High Rankings Seminar in Minneapolis

If you’re one of the bazillion people that get Jill Whalen’s High Rankings Advisor newsletter, then you already know, but in case you don’t, here’s the scoop in the upcoming High Rankings Seminar coming to Minneapolis next month:

“Live Site Clinic” Sessions

Conferences are great learning experiences oftentimes, but I’ve always marveled at how unprepared some people come.

Google Begins AdWords Training Push

AdWords Seminars for Success will be presented in six cities during Google’s first round of introducing these one-day training courses aimed at informing entrepreneurs on the benefits of AdWords and its potential rewards.

Jill Whalen Search Marketing Seminar Hits Dallas

I got a ping from another old school SEO, Jill Whalen recently about her next search engine marketing seminar.

Joining the Campaign Against Astroturfing

An email from Trevor Cook alerted me to a campaign Trevor and Paull Young are undertaking to fight the scourge of astroturfing.

MIMA Web Analytics Seminar

Members of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association and the local interactive community in the Twin Cities will be getting the lowdown on web analytics next week.

Yahoo Offers Free Seminar for Gulf Coast Businesses
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Yahoo wants to help any small business affected by Hurricane Katrina and is offering a free seminar on April 7th in New Orleans.

Free Teleseminar: Yvonne DiVita

Hear renowned marketing to women expert Yvonne DiVita, of the elite Lip-Sticking blog, discuss marketing via a free teleseminar on Tuesday, January 10.

Blogs as Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Here are some key points from the blog and SEO strategy webinar I live blogged in the previous post.

How to Organize a Seminar or an Event

Seminars and events have always been implemented as a holistic experience to participants.

How To Market A Seminar

Have you ever left a seminar thinking: “I could have done a better job than that!” Before you start signing up attendees, take a few minutes to think about what you are getting into.

Press Release Seminar: Mick Jolly of PRWeb

Press releases and how they can help your business are the topic of the next Duct Tape Marketing teleseminar on Local Online Marketing to be held on Wednesday, April 6.

Teleseminar with Ali Brown “The E-zine Queen

Ali Brown is well known to many internet business people as “The E-zine Queen”.

Bloggers Bust ABC News Over Planned Inauguration/Military Funeral Story

Cybercast News Service reports that on Wednesday bloggers were quick to pick up on a message posted on the ABC News website …