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Dell Confirms Linux Offerings
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Several weeks ago, rumors began swirling about Dell’s potential plan to begin offering its customers a choice between Windows or Linux operating system for PCs and notebooks.

Drive Better Lead Generation ROI

Ask most executives and marketers what sales people need and they will say, “more leads.” Your sales people don

Selling That Thing That You Sell

The other day I went to a local seminar on “internet marketing”. I honestly didn’t expect a whole lot; it was one of those “how to make money on the internet” things, which promised to tell you tips on how to use the search engines to your advantage, yada, yada, yada. But I have to say I was surprised, at least from the first 30 minutes of the 90 minute seminar.

Google Selling PR7 Links For $10k!

While doing some research, an astute coworker of mine noticed that the Google Enterprise Solutions page has links to their partners’ websites who are part of their Enterprise program. What’s interesting about this is that the page has a Google PageRank of 7/10, and to get listed on that page you have to pay Google $10,000 per year to be part of their program.

The Basics Of Short Selling Stocks

‘Shorting’ or short selling refers to the selling of a contract, a bond or stock or a commodity that is not directly owned by the seller. When practicing short selling, a seller is committed to purchase the stock or commodity previously sold.

LinkedIn Selling Internet Ads Keyed to Your Profile

LinkedIn has been generating a signifigant amount of buzz in the last few weeks.

Zune Released, PS3 Failure, Vista and more

The Zune came out today, as well as news that Microsoft is paying Universal Music $1 per Zune sold, in order to get Universal’s music in its Zune music store. Looks like the music industry and the mafia aren’t so different after all

Is Intel Desperate?

Okay, someone explain this to me: Intel, a company that makes microprocessors, is backing and selling - but not profiting from – a suite of “Enterprise 2.0″ software for companies that includes blogging software (Typepad), a wiki (Socialtext), and RSS feed software (Simplefeed and Newsgator), called Suite Two.

Demo Of What JotSpot Sold Today

Congrats to JotSpot for selling to Google. (JotSpot is an online Office, er Wiki, suite).

Be Careful What You (Re)Sell on eBay
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Product resellers are facing staunch opposition from parent companies citing copyright infringement in displaying the product images and names on websites such as eBay.

Why your company should be selling on eBay

Why your company should be selling on eBay Summary Sale on eBay accounts to 10% of the entire world’s ecommerce sales and in the UK, eBay accounts for more page views than Google, Yahoo and MSN put together.

Google Insiders Deflate The Stock

The days of $475 per share may be gone forever for Google’s stock price, as three issuances of shares and plenty of insider selling appear to have helped bring the price down from the stratosphere.

Selling Out the AOL User

The New York Times was the first to capitalize on AOL’s colossal blunder, publishing an account of a woman in Georgia who acknowledged she was User 4417749. You should be prepared for more of the same in the coming weeks as media outlets everywhere exploit what should never have become public.

Victorias Secret & Woot – Selling Benefits

Why is it that some sophisticated marketers suddenly forget the difference between a feature and a benefit as soon as they get online?

Listing Supporters = Selling PageRank?

Emad Fanous has a post on how the W3C, the internet standards consortium, is listing its top supporters on a page with a massive PageRank.

Google Selling Video Ads On The Web

The click-to-play video advertisements go on sale beginning today, and will be available to advertisers in the US, Canada, and Japan at launch. Visitors to sites in Google’s network of AdWords publishers will have complete control over the video ad experience…

Unique Selling Proposition: USP for Success

Business management is a topic that receives books and lecture circuits worth of discussion.

Cuban Thinks About Selling IceRocket

Think Partnership will acquire the blog search engine IceRocket from billionaire NBA owner Mark Cuban.

IT Sales: Stop Selling Commodities and Start Selling Knowledge

The first piece of advice in marketing to strangers is to stop selling products as your lead entre, as you get your foot in the door with IT sales.

Google Related Links With Ads

This didn’t take too long: As Google Blogoscoped shows, one blogger has already figured out how to combine Google Related Links with advertising, simply by putting the Links box on top of an AdSense ad.

Ebay Is For Selling Stuff, Not People

For the last time, people, you can’t auction off just anything on eBay – for example, yourself and your kids. Can’t. Can’t can’t can’t. If you’d like to auction yourself off (leave the kids out of it), try Craigslist. Just watch out for cops.