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Linkedin Tips for Showcasing Your Own Personal Brand

Linkedin wants to make its users aware of the need to distinguish themselves from the pack. With today’s ever more competitive job market, you need to work on refining your online personality and promoting what they call, your personal brand. We are all familiar with branding and what branding can do for a company or its products, but less often …

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Kindness Hitchhiker Admits to Shooting Himself

The “kindness hitchhiker”, also known as the guy who was shot by a complete stranger during his hitchhiking tour across Montana, has admitted to police that he put a hot chunk of lead in himself as a method of self-promotion. According to the Associated Press, Ray Dolin, 39, confessed everything to authorities while recovering from the self-inflicted gunshot wound at …

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Believe it or Not, Self-Promotion Can Hurt You

The interesting thing about online self-promotion is that it can be vital to your success, but can also make you look horrible, tarnish your reputation, and alienate people. There are good ways to promote yourself, and there are bad ways. Some of the bad ways are often looked upon as spam – things like blog comment spam, forum spam, or of course Twitter/Facebook spam come to mind.

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