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San Andreas Fault Affected by Irrigation

The San Andreas Fault, a continental transform that runs roughly 810 miles through California, is being affected by irrigation practices in the area, according to a study by Geologist Colin Amos from Western Washington University. Readings from GPS technology have shown that water levels in the San Joaquin Valley aquifer have lowered and that the mountains nearby have simultaneously risen, …

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Chile Aftershock Registers Magnitude 7.6

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that a magnitude 7.6 aftershock rattled Chile’s northern coast late Wednesday night, triggering a tsunami warning for regions of that country and Peru. The significant tremor came after an April 1st magnitude 8.2 quake generated a tsunami which produced 6.9 foot waves. The initial quake hit at 23:46 UTC off the coast of Chile, and …

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Chile Earthquake Evacuees Return Home

Citizens of the Chilean city of Iquique were permitted to return home Wednesday morning, after an April 1st magnitude 8.2 earthquake generated a tsunami which produced 6.9 foot waves. Similar sized waves were also reported in the coastal towns Pisagua and Arica. The death toll so far due to the quake is six. According to officials, one firefighter and one …

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Peru Volcano Prompts Evacuations

A volcano in southwestern Peru called Ubinas began ejecting pyroclastic material into the sky in 2006, after over four decades of lying dormant. Recent volcanic activity has prompted officials to evacuate 60 residents of Querapi, a village near its base. The last state of emergency due to Ubinas activity occurred on April 23, 2006. Ubinas town mayor Pascual Coaquira said …

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