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Google Patches Chrome Flaw In 24 Hours

Yesterday we brought you news that Google had paid out $60,000 to Russian university student Sergey Glazunov for finding a security flaw in their Chrome browser. Glazunov, a participant in Google’s Pwnium contest, used a sandbox bypass to hack the latest version of Chrome running on a fully up-to-date Windows 7 PC. Google had offered a $60,000 prize to the …

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Google Chrome Hack Earns Student $60,000 At Pwnium

The Google Chrome Security Team made the offer to hackers the world over: come to CanSecWest security conference, have a crack at finding Chrome exploits, win $60,000 if you succeed. A part of the Chromium Security Rewards Program, the contest is Google’s open-invitation to hackers to help Google identify exploits in the Chrome browser, which is based on the open-source …

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