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The “Not So Secret” Secrets of Success

Have you ever heard of the “secrets of success”? Many times people are trying to sell you these “secrets” for a very high price! Well, in my five years of Internet marketing experience, I haven’t learned any “secrets”.

Home Business Secrets: The Amazing Success Principle

If you are involved in any small or home-based business, the secrets of success discovered over a century ago by an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, will skyrocket your sales and profits.

Insider Secrets of Writing for Search Engines, Part 2

“Insider Secrets of Writing for Search Engines” was so popular that I contacted SEO copywriting pro Karon Thackston to see if she’d be willing to answer a few more, in-depth questions. She graciously agreed. and so our interview continues.

Joe Vitale’s Unspoken Marketing Secrets!

I showed the below list to two marketing consultants. They both asked me not to publish it. I then showed it to a non- marketing person. He said he was going to print the list and tape it to his computer, so he could refer to it every day. Apparently there is real dynamite here. It scares some people. It inspires others.

3 Order-Generating Secrets!

1) Change the benefits on your product ad from text to links. When people click on the link, it will take them right to the order page. It’ll give them an urge to buy your product. People will usually click on links because they think they might be getting one of the benefits for free.

3 Viral Marketing Secrets!

1) Forward Interesting Email To Friends

Forward interesting e-mails to your online friends with your signature file included,

TV Reporter Shares the Secrets of Getting Covered on the News

Do you have a great idea for a story, but no clue how to get it in the news? Are you tired of pitching press releases the news media simply ignores? After twenty years of beating the street as a TV reporter, I have a scoop for you: the media needs good stories. But most stories are pitched so poorly, they are lost in the blizzard of faxes that blanket every newsroom. So, here are five steps to increase your chances of getting covered that even some PR pros don’t know:

6 “Killer Ad” Secrets That Draw Traffic

My friend David tried to tell me. But I kept struggling on, treading water, spending my money. No traffic.

Then I started listening. And it changed. And oh, the pain I could have saved myself, had I just learned earlier, these 6 tips for getting traffic faster.

4 Discussion Board Traffic Secrets!

1) Visit business discussion boards regularly.

Search Engine Positioning Secrets, Keywords & Web Site Submission Optimization

Search engine positioning

High search engine positioning brings traffic. That’s good web site promotion! But high positioning needs careful planning prior to submission of a website to an engine.

Secrets to Building Massive Opt-In Lists
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An opt-in list is the absolute most effective marketing tool available on the Internet. Not only do they provide you with a direct line of communication with your target market, but they also enable you to develop a trusting relationship with your subscribers.

My 3 “Must Use” Secrets for Generating Real Estate Listing from Any Website

1. Put Listing Information “Front and Center”

Most real estate agents make it difficult for home sellers to find information on their website.

Secrets of Successful Headlines

In directional marketing, the first and most important element that can help turn a website into a truly compelling, action- generating mechanism is the headline. A headline is more than a mere summary of the website.

6 Sexy Secrets to Attract Clients

Have you wondered why movie stars and models are such effective spokespeople?

Advertising Secrets I Learned From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man

I was just sitting here at my computer (as usual) when my husband walked in and announced, “There’s a man here to see you”. What? I wasn’t expecting anyone. “Who is it”, I asked. “Some guy who wants to speak with my wife.” OK, my husband was home so I knew I was safe. I ventured outside to see who it was.

Industry Pro Interview: Insider Secrets To Building Your PR Campaign

Todd Brabender of Spread The News Public Relations was kind enough to answer some burning questions most small business owners have about public relations, press releases and gaining media attention.

2 Secrets of Unstoppable Growth

Let me get to the point…

You can use someone else’s credibility to give you unstoppable growth!

The True Search Engine Secrets!

The search engines are constantly changing and a few years ago, it was very difficult to get your web site ranked. However today it is relatively easy. According to online ratings, Google & Yahoo now have over 65% of the Internet audience and we will demonstrate how you can take advantage of the traffic.

Six-figure Professionals: and Their Seven Secrets

In my work with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and small business owners, I have found that there are specific actions that have created their success. Here are seven success elements that they use effectively to earn $100,000 plus a year. By focusing on these important elements, you too can grow your business to reach this goal.

3 Secrets to Landing a Home-Based Position

Landing a telecommute position isn’t easy. Finding them in the first place is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Then, when you finally do find one that looks promising, it’s filled before you can even click on “apply for this job”.

The Bible – The Source of All Copywriting Secrets
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I’ve been a student of the Bible for practically all my life. There is a lot of reason why this book remains the number one best seller year after year. I think that it is the source of ALL wisdom, yes, including successful copywriting!