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How’s That for Karma: Reddit Earns Guinness Record for Largest Online Secret Santa Game

The crown jewel of reddit’s international anonymous gift exchange program redditgifts, the secret santa contest, has just been awarded a Guinness World Record. Reddit first announced their intentions of going for a World Record back in November of 2011. Their secret santa contest from 2010 had over 17,0000 participants from 90 different countries, a record in its own right. But …

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Reddit Going For Guinness World Record With Secret Santa Game

This year, reddit is looking to set an official Guinness World Record by hosting the biggest online game of Secret Santa ever. Last year’s Secret Santa had over 17,000 participants from over 90 different countries, which was a record itself. But this year, they’ve got the Guinness people on board and are “working closely with them to ensure everything goes …

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