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Sen. Wyden Wants To Blow TPP Wide Open Sen. Wyden Wants To Blow TPP Wide Open

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is by far one of the more dangerous treaties being tossed around world governments because we know nothing about it. Despite a minor leak of an old version last year, we’re still none the wiser as …

Google Has (More) Secret Public Meetings

Google has historically been pretty secretive about what the company is working on – that’s typical in the corporate world as it keeps competitors in the dark. But more interesting than that are Google’s Not-So-Secret-Secret-Meetings with hundreds of attendees agreeing not say anything about what they heard.

Ooga Labs Cooking In Creative Secrecy

Google’s known as the company with a “different” kind of corporate culture.  Call Ooga Labs “really different,” then – these guys play Calvinball, a game in which “the only permanent rule . . . is that you can’t play it the same way twice.”  Between matches, Ooga’s employees apparently work on stuff like search engines and social networks.

Google Secrecy A Blessing And Curse

Other than the legally mandated SEC filings, only the very top of the Google leadership knows just how the company operates. The LA Times delivered the most apt commentary on Google…

Openness, Not Secrecy, is the New Face of PR

Today’s quote of the day from Chris Shipley’s essay on how openness, not secrecy, is the new face of public relations…

Google Tops In Search Engine Driven Ecommerce

Market intelligence firm RandomSecrecy.com has compiled a report on Google, giving a detailed market analysis. The report shows that Google has the top position in the Search & Buy e-commerce market.