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Don’t Call It A Killer

It took me maybe a year of writing on the Internet to understand that any new online business created in a space where similar formats existed would be labeled "[current leader] + killer" and that that was probably, in my grandmother’s language, horse feathers.

Virtual Sex Bed Caper Leads To Avatar Lawsuit

Just try to read this without feeling like you’re sitting in the back of the classroom, snickering with your buddies at the slightest hint of double entendre – you know, she said jacket, heh heh.


Zwinktopia:IAC’s Procrastination Heaven
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It’s a good thing I’m writing this instead of speaking it; no self-respecting 30-year-old man could bring himself to say "Zwinky" out loud – unless you work for Interactive Corp., where it’s you’re job to talk about Zwinktopia, a virtual online world that launched today.

CBS Playing On The Digital Field

CBS plans to continue its relationship with new types of media. CEO, Leslie Moonves in a keynote address at CES in Las Vegas outlined plans for the media company. He believes CBS can continue to be relevant by changing with the times and further embracing new technology. He dismissed the perception that CBS was old media.

Just Say Yes to Second Life

Mention Second Life to some people and you open a door to skepticism and dismissive opinions. It reminds me of similar reactions about blogging just a couple of years ago.

Second Life Convention: RL Business in SL

How are RL businesses working in SL – a group panel lead by Eric Rice (nee Spin Martin and the man in the photo in orange) of Hipcast.

YouTube & Consumer-Generated News

According to a Guardian story (reg. req.), MySpace just took second place (vs. SecondLife) to YouTube in terms of traffic.