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Casper Ware & Long Beach State Jerseys Impress Fans

#TheBeach is one of those Twitter trends that started out about something specific, and like these trends leads to everyone chiming in…even people who have no idea that Long Beach State exists. In the image above you can see that the Long Beach State 49’ers have a simple statement strewn across their jersey. Twitter erupted with praise, showing support for …

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Louisville Leads Davidson After Messy First Half, Twitter Reacts

The first half of the game ended up playing right into U of L’s hands. It was messy, scrappy, and Davidson missed many of their 3-point attempts. Here’s a quick breakdown of the important stats of the first half… Davidson is cold from 3-point land, shooting 18% with 2-11. Louisville is still up after playing extremely sloppy, giving up 9 …

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