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Taking Out A Second Mortgage In Second Life
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Buying a home is usually the single largest investment that the average individual will make over the span of their life. Careful thought and planning are exercised when determining how much of a mortgage to take on, how large of a home to purchase, and what realtor to use.

H&R Block Launches Island In Second Life

The April deadline to file taxes in the United States is fast approaching, and with it comes the time of year when tax accounting firms usually see a peak volume in their business. With all the questions surrounding new tax laws, deduction advice, and audit defense, H&R block is looking to bolster its brand against all others by setting up shop in Second Life.

MMOs For Mainstream Business?

With the success of World of Warcraft, Blizzard has all but achieved a license to print money based on revenue generated from recurring subscriptions and expansion software.

Mainstream companies have taken notice of the growing interest in online gaming and have taken steps to market their respective brands in virtual worlds, particularly within Second Life.

An Open Mind for Second Life

If you want to really understand all sides of the story about Second Life as a business platform – the genuine potential as well as the current drawbacks – a series of in-depth feature articles published last week by CIO Insight magazine is where you definitely should go.

Attackers on Edwards HQ Come Forward

Earlier this month, grass roots supporters of presidential hopeful John Edwards took it upon themselves to set up an unofficial headquarters for the South Carolina senator within the virtual world of Second Life.

The news broke a little less than three weeks ago as supporters of the Edwards campaign heralded the move as brilliant strategy to reach out to an entirely new community of voters.

Second Life Customer Conversations

About a month ago a friend said the following before a hockey game (yeah – our team has very geeky locker room talk):

“Is IBM not making enough money these days? I hear they’re providing services for some online world”

Second Life To Get 3D Voice Capability
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Linden Lab, creators of the Second Life online world, announced plans to enable residents to voice chat with one another in real time. This initiative is geared toward improving the collaborative efforts of educators, non-profits, and businesses that run their operations within the virtual environment.

To invoke a recurring motif from the Star Wars saga…

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

John Edwards Works The Second Life Corner

Various sorts of virtual destinations such as movie theatres, diners, media agencies and back alley prostitution rings can be found gracing the digital streets of Second Life. Now, you can add the unofficial campaign headquarters of presidential hopeful John Edwards to that list.

As if the virtual world of Second Life weren’t full of enough debauchery, now it’s home to a whole new form of prostitution and depravity — a process that these days we formally refer to as campaigning for the U.S. presidency.

Tech Leaders See Second Life Gold Mine

Fortune magazine senior editor David Kirkpatrick is just out with an article on the future of Second Life, noting:

Why SL Can’t be Taken Seriously

I read this on BoingBoing yesterday:

Online Gambling to Get a Second Life?

Second Life presents its residents with many unique opportunities for social interaction, commerce, and entertainment. Could virtual gambling be the next “feature” to be offered in Linden’s online world? If so, what would the offline legal ramifications look like?

Open Source Second Life’s Next Steps

Monday’s announcement by Linden Lab that the software you run on your computer to interact with Second Life will be opened up to anyone who wants to contribute to its future development generated wide-ranging commentary in the media and among bloggers.

SL, Open Source and Franchising

Interesting news that Linden Labs have open sourced the Second Life client source code under GPLv2.

IBM & Circuit City Partner in Second Life

IBM has announced that it has teamed up with Circuit City to construct an online replica of the retail store within the virtual world of Second Life. The venture is geared at experimenting with the introduction of virtual worlds and 3-D technology into a cross-platform retail environment.

Le Web 3: A Tragedy?

An extraordinary event took place in Paris this week, one that I was due to be part of as a presenter but could not make it.

Second Life and Internet Marketing

From a marketing perspective I am constantly looking at Internet trends and developments – to see what works and what hasn’t worked.

Second Life insights

One of the earliest adopters of Second Life in the PR community was the Text 100 agency who established their virtual presence three months ago.

Copybot and Second Life

For folks following the copyright intellectual property implications in the gaming industry, Second Life is facing its first real crisis when it comes to the value of in game goods, copyright, liability and just plain old copying.

Dell means business in Second Life

They want to be where people are gathering so it was an easy decision to make for Dell to go into Second Life.

Attention on Second Life

It’s coming thick and fast now – commentary and news on which business is doing what in Second Life.

Crayon Colors Outside the Lines

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) have thrived on the concept of providing a completely autonomous virtual world. With the prospect of such a captive audience plugged in to a digital community, marketers are looking for new, more socially relevant ways to showcase their products